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8 | July 2018 | ARTIFICIAL LIFT: KEY PLAYERS tions often seen in unconventional wells, "operates reliably without a gas separator at 55% gas content at intake," the company stated on its website. In addition, the company's ViewPoint downhole sensor is designed to fully capture the informa- tion from artificial lift systems to help minimize downtime, increase equipment runlife and optimize production, according to Borets. Because of the design of the sensor, a discharge sub or transfer line is not required to measure discharge pressure and/or temperature. Borets also offers gas-handling units designed to provide "trouble-free operation of ESP systems in well conditions with free gas content up to 90%," the company stated on its website. These devices "enable users to operator in gassy wells previously considered too challenging for ESPs." Clariant Oil Services Clariant Oil Services provides oilfield produc- tion chemical management that aid in improving hydrocarbon recoveries. Proper management of the life cycle of crude oil and water is key to the sustainability and conceptualization of an EOR program. Clariant Oil Services' holistic approach to the full value chain of chemical EOR delivers sustainability throughout the crude oil lifecycle with integrated products and services in chemical flood design, implementation, risk management, application services and continuity of supply. The company's products and services, including REL- TREAT and LIBERATE Integrated Systems, are designed to meet the challenges of EOR from the reservoir through production with the end goal of maximizing oil recovery rates. To ensure the maximum benefit of the EOR pro- gram, Clariant Oil Services identifies tools and sys- tems to counter the negative impact of near-wellbore damage of production and injection wells. Crude oil flow can become restricted from the likes of paraffins, asphaltenes, scale and emulsions as it is transported to the surface, ultimately impacting oil recovery rates. Through the design and treatment of the near well- bore with LIBERATE Integrated Systems, Clariant ensures that the benefit of the EOR process is real- ized in additional injectivity and production at the targeted wells. Direct DriveHead Inc. Houston-based technology firm Direct DriveHead Inc. manufactures its driveheads for progressive cavity pump (PCP) operations as well as The Smart Pumper, which is an advanced version of Internet of Things (IoT) technology. The company also pro- vides PCPs, wellhead fittings and valves, in addition to complete automation packages for the oil and water industries. The Smart Pumper is a universal platform and hybrid technology that has high-speed global connec- tivity and an integrated processor to connect, protect and optimize operations. Its customizable web-based interface provides users with the capability to set up their interface and manage and control their assets located anywhere in the world quickly, according to the company. With its six forms of communication built into the platform, The Smart Pumper delivers a dependable and affordable IoT solution for the private and public sectors. DistributionNOW DistributionNOW (DNOW) offers custom rod pump systems and services, conventional and hydraulic pumping units, variable frequency drives, wellhead components, progressive cavity pumps (PCPs) and plunger lift equipment. The company also provides rod pump parts through Dura Prod- ucts, a DNOW company. DNOW offers complete systems design and per- formance analysis of plunger lift, rod pump or PCP wells using its design software (e.g., RODSTAR, SROD and C-FER PC-PUMP), technical expertise and experience. The primary focus of DNOW's artificial lift divi- sion is reciprocating rod pump systems and services in the major shale plays, supported by 35 pump shops in the U.S. and 18 in Canada. The company has in-house plunger lift technical experts and three PCP test facilities. Borets designs, manufactures, sells and services ESP systems. (Photo courtesy of Borets)

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