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6 | July 2018 | ARTIFICIAL LIFT: KEY PLAYERS power cable-to-motor connection as well as an in-well electrical connection. Saudi Aramco and BHGE have installed two TransCoil systems to date. In October 2017 BHGE completed the first offshore installation of the TransCoil system for an operator in a mature field offshore Malaysia. The company recently commercialized its Magnef- ficient permanent magnet motor, which is designed to improve efficiency by lowering ESP system energy consumption. It also delivers a higher power density, enabling operators to achieve a higher horsepower with the same motor or the same horsepower with a smaller motor, according to the company. BHGE's artificial lift systems group has 15 key manufacturing facilities located worldwide and four primary R&D facilities in the U.S. and Europe. BHGE's Artificial Lift Research and Technology Cen- ter, which opened in 2014 in Claremore, Okla., allows engineers to create, develop and test solutions for production challenges and improve the reliability of artificial lift systems. In December 2017 BHGE opened its Artificial Lift Center of Excellence in Dammam, Saudi Ara- bia. The facility will manufacture the full range of BHGE's ESP portfolio and employ more than 100 technical professionals. Bluetick Bluetick offers oilfield automation and land management systems, including production reporting and field data capture tools that mon- itor artificial lift equipment, production wells and EOR injection wells. Its remote monitoring and control (RMC) system is a full field data capture system with an app that runs on iOS-operated smartphones and 7-in. or 10-in. Android tablet devices. Among the production data available through the RMC system are oil run and water run ticket entries, well service and treat- ment data, tracking of shut-in status and history, well issue tracking data and the ability to track and manage well or pumper logs. The RMC system pro- vides the ability for tank monitoring, remote shut- downs, well monitoring, compressor monitoring and electronic flowmeter monitoring. The system works through the integration of equipment sensors for pressure, temperature levels, wellhead controllers and other devices and transports data over cellular or satellite networks. Other features of Bluetick's RMC include the Alerts and Alarms Wizard, secure remote control, configurable charts and trends and calculated operations measurements. The RMC system also provides the ability to create unlimited custom reports for internal management, accounting, land department and regulatory agencies through a graphical user interface. Borets Borets focuses on the design, manufacture, sales and service of electric submersible pumping (ESP) sys- tems. The company's pumps include progressing cav- ity pumps and horizontal pumping systems. Borets also offers switchboards and variable frequency drives to control, protect and monitor ESP systems. The company's Wide Range Wear Resistant pump system, which is designed for the aggressive condi- BHGE developed its TransCoil rigless-deployed ESP system to improve installation while removing rig-related challenges. TransCoil takes the rig out of the installation equation, with an aim of helping operators bring wells on production faster while lowering overall lifting costs. (Image courtesy of Baker Hughes, a GE company)

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