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Page 6 of 51 | July 2018 | 5 ARTIFICIAL LIFT: KEY PLAYERS AccessESP AccessESP provides wireline retrievable electric sub- mersible pumps (ESP), permanent magnet motors (PMM), and research and engineering. The company's technologies, a PMM and a side pocket wet-connect system, form the Access375 sys- tem that works in 4.5-in. tubing and is designed to allow slickline retrieval without killing the well and fullbore access when pulled. The company's ESP com - pletion system is designed to "significantly reduce the impact of deferred production and rig costs on high- end ESP wells," according to the company's website. In 2017 AccessESP completed five projects, three in the Alaska North Slope and two offshore West Africa, all using the 3.75-in. Access375 system in 4.5-in. tub- ing. In addition, three Access375 wireline retrievable ESP systems were installed for a major operator in an Alaskan North Slope field in March 2018, according to a press release. The installations were in high-angle wells in 4.5-in. tubing. "The PMMs were installed in a single slickline run, made possible by their high power density," the release stated. "Conventional motors would have been two to three times the length and weight, and operated with less efficiency." Ambyint Ambyint provides artificial intelligence (AI)-driven artificial lift and production optimization systems. The company's operations combine traditional phys- ics-based methods with modern AI and machine learning capabilities. Ambyint's AI algorithms work by training artificial lift systems using real-world data. Rather than telling the system what conditions to monitor, Ambyint's system learns by analyzing all available data to identify parameters that are leading indicators of an issue, such as gas lock or paraffin buildup, that are not apparent to the average user. The company has gathered nearly 100 million pump operating hours, or 45 TBs of high-resolution data from artificial lift and monitoring systems, 70% of which is derived from horizontal wells. Enabled by a large-scale training dataset, Ambyint's system provides continuously updated and tuned mod- els, which enable an inference engine to detect key production issues proactively including detection, characterization and prediction of well anomalies or prediction of wellhead leaks. By digitizing the visual input from millions of dynocards, Ambyint's AI platform is able to perform micro-pattern analysis to diagnose downhole and surface anomalies and optimize well parameters. Ambyint's system works for a variety of lift types, including sucker rod lift, progressive cavity pump and plunger lift. Apergy Apergy, a spinoff from Dover Corp., offers rod pumping systems, electric submersible pump (ESP) systems, gas-lift systems, hydraulic lift and pump services, progressive cavity pumps (PCP), drive systems and plunger lift systems. The com- pany also provides automation offerings that consist of equipment, software and Industrial Internet of Things solutions for downhole mon- itoring, wellsite productivity enhancement and asset integrity management. Apergy has opera- tions in eight countries. Apergy comprises Dover Artificial Lift, Dover Energy Automation and US Synthetic and will con- tinue to offer the same brands, which include Nor- ris, Harbison-Fischer, Accelerated, PCS Ferguson, Norriseal-Wellmark, Spirit, Quartzdyne, Windrock and USS. Dover Artificial Lift offers a complete suite of artificial lift products that includes ESP and PCP sys- tems, remote monitoring and surveillance, hydraulic lift, gas lift, automation, rod lift, plunger lift and chemical injection. In October 2017 Dover Artificial Lift announced a partnership with Liberty Lift Solutions. The two companies combined brands, products and services to offer the Liberty Lift Long Stroke (XL) Pumping Solution, which is designed to "provide a rod pump solution suited for work in deviated, deep or high-vol- ume wells to manage production costs at an optimum level," according to a press release. In the same month, Dover Artificial Lift announced its acquisition of PCP Oil Tools in Argentina, accord- ing to industry reports. Baker Hughes, a GE company Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE), offers elec- tric submersible pumping (ESP) systems, rod lift systems, progressing cavity pumping systems, hor- izontal surface pumping systems, gas-lift systems, surface electrical control systems, and monitoring and automation services. The company's TransCoil rigless-deployed ESP system, developed with Saudi Aramco, is designed to allow operators to eliminate the need for a rig during ESP workovers, helping them to lower inter- vention costs and minimize deferred production. The system can be installed through 4½-in. production tubing, saving the time and money required to pull the existing completion, which is especially valuable for mature offshore wells, according to the company. By connecting an inverted ESP system directly to the power cable, the TransCoil system eliminates the

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