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4 | July 2018 | ARTIFICIAL LIFT: KEY PLAYERS ABB ABB offers industrial IT systems for the artificial lift industry, including a range of automation systems to operate, monitor and control oilfield production. ABB's Industrial IT Pumping Artificial Lift Solutions (PALS) create a control and information infrastructure that can be designed for one well or hundreds of wells. PALS feature multiple language support, security and access control, intuitive config - uration controls and network connectivity. The company's Aspect Objects integrate infor- mation from a variety of applications and makes it available in real time to any authorized user regardless of their location. With Aspect Objects, artificial lift data and components are presented as configurable software objects. Variable speed drive systems include low-voltage AC drives, medium-voltage AC drives, motors and programmable logic controllers. ABB's progressive cavity pump and electric submers- ible pump control program features backspin control, pressure protection, thermal protection, fluid level con- trol and acceleration ramps that improve production and help protect artificial lift systems. The program is available for low-voltage industrial ACS880 drives in power ranges from 0.75 kW to 5,600 kW. ABB's industrial and medium-voltage drives work to adapt the motor speed to actual need, which optimizes energy consumption and reduces CO 2 emissions. These key players have mastered the art of recovering more production via artificial lift. Maximizing Production with Artificial Lift and Automation By Ariana Hurtado, Associate Managing Editor and Brian Walzel, Associate Editor, Production Technologies Key Players P roduction optimization is a key driver for maximizing returns on investment, and artificial lift is a go-to optimization solution. As drilling activity continues to increase in the U.S. unconventional resource plays, so too will the need for cost-effective lifting solutions to prolong the productive life of wells in these maturing plays. The selection of the optimal lift methods and strategies for their use over the life of the well are just two of many areas where providers of artificial lift products and services are assisting operators. The following is a sampling of companies that provide artificial lift services in areas ranging from automation, equipment and telecommunications.

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