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Page 46 of 51 | July 2018 | 45 ARTIFICIAL LIFT: CASE STUDIES by DIAL units, the operator was able to instantly recognize the opportunity to increase the well's gas injection rate giving a 10% production rate increase. In another instance, a simple adjustment of the DIAL system mitigated a well instability issue by overcom- ing multipoint injection. In an additional example, again through using downhole gauge measurement rather than intervention, the operator recognized the opportunity to reduce the gas injection rate in a well. The valve combination was changed, leading to an increase in casing pressure and an increase in net oil production by 18%. The system is currently being deployed offshore as the next stage in a technology roadmap that culmi- nates in subsea installations. In subsea, the produc- tion optimization and opex reduction DIAL enables even more material, to the point of potentially posi- tively impacting field development economic viability by enabling gas-lifted operation without intervention for the life of the field. The ability afforded by digitalization to elim- inate production uncertainty, instabilities and operational costs by providing continuous, inter- vention-free gas-lifted well optimization is generat- ing significant cost and time benefits for operators aiming to optimize production, increase financial returns and reduce risk. Business cases developed in collaboration with gas-lift users in multiple onshore and offshore operating environments attest to this. A production optimization adjust- ment that would have required multiple interven- tions over weeks or months previously can now be completed in minutes. Aligning these benefits with the ease of installation and operation makes the DIAL system a valuable contributor in the drive toward the digital oil field. n Multiple DIAL in-well units are installed in multidrop configurations to provide variable injection rate and depth via local and/or remote monitoring and control. (Image courtesy of Silverwell)

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