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34 | July 2018 | ARTIFICIAL LIFT: TECHNOLOGY SHOWCASE PMM eliminates induction losses Operators are looking for new ways to increase elec- tric submersible pump (ESP) system efficiency and lower lifting costs, especially in declining, mature fields. The new Magnefficient permanent magnet motor (PMM) significantly improves efficiency by lowering ESP system energy consumption, allowing operators to do more with less. The Magnefficient PMM eliminates induction losses, lowering system power consumption by 20% and reducing motor power loss by 50%. It also delivers a higher power density, enabling operators to eliminate the need for tandem motor connections, which improves reli- ability and allows for quicker installation, saving additional time and cost. Baker Hughes, a GE com- pany, leveraged learnings from other GE businesses to develop the Magnefficient PMM, including GE Aviation for the rotor design and GE Healthcare for magnet research. The R&D team used advanced optimization algorithms to make sure the efficiency design elements did not violate temperature limits, rotor dynamics stability or material structural capa- bilities. Modular-designed plunger lubricator reduces costs Definitive Optimization's Dual Valve assembly "Inclusive Modular" design has saved thousands of dollars for its customers because the design removes the need for significant line modification to install a typical plunger lift lubricator. The design focuses on reducing the extensive cost of facility modification to accommodate the installation of a plunger lift lubricator while ensuring functional and efficient Operators depend on reliable and innovative products and services to maximize the well production life cycle. Technologies to Optimize Well Performance O perators rely on innovative products and services to get them through point A to point B in an artificial lift operation. The well production life cycle completely depends on effective and reliable tools. The following is a small sampling of the equipment, accessories and services that enable operators to maximize the value of their wells while also lowering costs. Editor's note: The copy herein is contributed from service companies and does not reflect the opinions of Hart Energy. The Magnefficient PMM maintains a more constant power factor and efficiency over a larger load range compared to induction motor technology. This helps reduce cable power losses, or when applicable, allows the operator to use a smaller cable to save additional costs. (Image courtesy of Baker Hughes, a GE company) Compiled by Ariana Hurtado Associate Managing Editor

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