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24 | July 2018 | ARTIFICIAL LIFT: TECHNOLOGY B etter data allow for better decision-making. This could be today's mantra for the bur- geoning artificial lift segment of the upstream oilfield services sector. However, the roadmap to bet- ter data is sprinkled with its fair share of potholes, detours, shortcuts and unexpected maintenance. Better data comes from reliable equipment, and ser- vice companies have been charged to keep lift sys- tems—like electrical submersible pumps (ESPs)—in top form for longer. Better data also come from the ability to collect and analyze at unprecedented vol- umes, asking more of conventional hardware like well pad controllers in expanded roles throughout the oil field. The quest for better data also has an expanding footprint, beyond single-well pads to the now conventional 20-plus well pads that are spreading across the onshore unconventional plays in the U.S. Better data would also benefit from new levels of standardization—a buzz term that has been around the oil patch for as long as many can remem- ber. With workflows and implementations varying from operator to operator, the standardization quest is daunting. "Over the years, as our different customers have either put in new systems themselves or acquired systems through merger activity or experimented with new technology themselves—such as new arti- ficial lift technologies and new automation control systems on the well pad —they tell us they see several different styles implemented for similar work," said Artificial lift technology continues to mature on all fronts as contractors target the sweet spots. The Future is Near By Blake Wright Contributing Editor Rockwell's Well Manager is a pre-engineered solution that integrates all artificial lift operations. It can support small or large multipad well sites with real-time data from across an oil field. (Image courtesy of Rockwell Automation)

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