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22 | July 2018 | ARTIFICIAL LIFT: KEY PLAYERS In addition, with couplings only at the top and bottom of the rod string, Weatherford COROD con - tinuous rod minimizes the potential for rodstring failures and costly interventions, according to the company's website. WellAware WellAware provides Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) production management and chemical management systems designed to help E&P com- panies capture and use their data for peak oper- ating efficiency. The company's offerings include data collection, exception-based monitoring and actionable insights. WellAware's system captures critical production data via native iOS and Android apps that work without cellular connectivity. Data captured include measurements and well, pipeline, chemical, water, hazardous gas and flare information. The system's management operations allow user-configurable grouping of assets as well as list- and map-based visualization of real-time assets and configurable alarms. The mobile app enables rapid alarm acknowl- edgement, troubleshooting solutions and resolution. WellAware's analytical capabilities include role- based dashboards for field personnel, engineers and executives, along with customized reports without IT or vendor assistance. WellAware's IIoT system's capabilities include full-stack data intelligence, eliminating the need to deal with separate vendors for network, automation and software. WellAware reported that after imple- mentation of its management system, a major E&P company reported reducing downtime by 75% to 80% and improving operating efficiency by more than 50%. Wellflex Energy Solutions Wellflex Energy Solutions provides oilfield equip- ment engineering and design, fabrication and manufacturing, installation and construction, and maintenance management services. The company also offers full-service automation, control systems and fabrication. Its capabilities include engineering and integration of automation, control, analytical and information systems. Additionally, Wellflex's fabrication facility designs, manufactures and inte- grates a selection design programmable logic con- trol panels, motor control center buildings, control consoles, cabinets, marshaling/junction boxes, relay panels, analyzer sampling systems and various industrial panel applications. The company's ModFlex process can help improve the total cost of ownership of Wellflex's equipment through modularizing a pad site in the company's facility, according to the company. WellFlex said its ModFlex process improves the predictability of scheduling and costs associated with pad site con- struction due to the reduced field labor required for installation and the standardization of multiwall pad sites. The company reported that construction of an eight-well pad through its ModFlex process was reduced from 25 days to five days, resulting in a cost savings of $150,000. Its products include flowback systems, pig launch- ers and receivers and piping and pumping systems. Liquid processing systems include hybrid separators, crude treaters, sand separators, vapor recovery units and allocation/metering packages. Zedi Inc. Zedi is a technology and services company that offers software, automation, artificial lift, measure- ment, laboratory and field solutions for production and operations. The Zedi SilverJack artificial lift system is an advanced hydraulic pumpjack with a local graph- ics-based optimization controller combined with Zedi Access, a web-based data management system that provides remote monitoring, alarming and control. This allows both local and remote optimization and the resolution of common rod pumping problems without site visits or labor-intensive manual processes. In addition, Zedi SCADA is a web-based open sys- tem that works with any digital monitoring hardware to deliver real-time operational data, allowing users to remotely view and control field equipment including any artificial lift solution. n The Zedi SilverJack 6000 artificial lift system is pictured in a tandem setup. (Photo courtesy of Zedi)

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