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Page 20 of 51 | July 2018 | 19 ARTIFICIAL LIFT: KEY PLAYERS Built to Optimze Max Lift HP ™ – High Rate High Pressure Gas Lift System Solves issue of equipment failure at higher reservoir pressures Proven to lower FBHP Deeper injection point yields lower FBHP HP -1.0 Mandrel with pressure rating = to API tubing properties TPH -1.0 High-Pressure IPO Valve PTRO setting of 3,000+ psi & 10,000 psi differential pressure rating TC -1.0 HP Check valve internally rated to 10,000 psi + + + + + + Flowco Production Solutions ™ Artificial Lift Systems 18511 Imperial Valley Drive, Houston, Texas 77073 281.528.6298 downhole pump DynaCards and other data stored in a well powered by a Unico artificial lift drive. Oper- ators can generate a complete four-page well report, produced in as little as 25 seconds, at the click of a button, according to the company. The company's Synthesis intelligent pump con- troller simplifies pumping systems by integrating essential motor, logic and process control functions into a single economical unit. It is designed to pro- vide superior pressure, flow or level control, optimal efficiency and comprehensive protection for the pumping system. Unico is a wholly owned subsidiary of Regal Beloit Corp., a worldwide manufacturer of mechanical and electrical motion-control products. Valiant Artifi cial Lift Solutions Founded in 2016, Valiant Artifi cial Lift Solutions is an independent oilfi eld service company that provides downhole and surface pumping solutions that include electric submersible pump (ESP), pro- gressing cavity pump (PCP) and horizontal pump systems. Valiant also offers services ranging from application engineering, equipment sizing, monitor- ing, maintenance, installation and repair. The company's ESP systems support flow rates up to 35,500 bbl/d and can be customized for produc- tion in abrasive or high gas content applications. For production in high-viscosity environments, Valiant provides, installs and services rod-driven PCP systems and rodless electric submersible PCP systems. Valiant's Aquarius horizontal pumping sys- tems are designed to produce up to 49,200 bbl/d (1,435.2 gal/min) at speeds up to 1,500 hp for surface pumping applications. Valiant started with a manufacturing and ser- vice center in Midland, Texas, and since then has expanded throughout North and South America. In September 2017 Valiant announced the opening of a 60,000-sq-ft facility in Bogotá, Colombia, built to provide artificial lift products and services to opera- tors in Latin America. The company also opened two new facilities in January 2018 in the Midcontinent region. The Midcontinent locations are dedicated to ESP manufacturing, testing, repair, cable service and horizontal pumping solutions, according to a press release. Veretek In June 2017 Elite Multiphase Solutions changed its name to Veretek as part of a rebranding campaign. The private company provides its V-Pump down- hole pump technology, remote monitoring of the V-Pump and real-time operating recommendations to operators. Veretek's multiphase submersible V-Pump is designed to improve production economics in wells in which electric submersible pumps (ESP) struggle with multiphase conditions that include combinations of sand, gas and high-viscosity oil. The V-pump is offered as an alternative to ESPs and features the same dimensions, flange and shaft connections as ESPs and is operational with any service provider's conventional ESP motor, seal, cable and sensor configuration. Veretek's V-pump can lead to fewer well interventions and offers the ability to continue pumping through multiphase conditions as well as a wider operating window through broader speed ranges. The tool improves uptime with less tripping of the system and oper- ates in wells deemed unpumpable with conven- tional ESPs. The V-pump features a helicon-axial pump design consisting of a rotor and stator and can increase the operating range with higher speed permanent magnet motors. The pump offers the

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