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Page 16 of 51 | July 2018 | 15 ARTIFICIAL LIFT: KEY PLAYERS Priority Artificial Lift Services LLC Priority Artificial Lift Services offerings include gas-lift, plunger and completion tools and tech- nologies. The company's services include equip- ment installation, production optimization, troubleshooting, production analysis, nodal anal- ysis, well modeling, consulting, engineering, train- ing and manufacturing. The company uses its conventional high-pres- sure gas-lift equipment (rated to 10,000 psi) to accommodate gas-lift installations on initial completions and in highly developed areas where high-pressure offset fractures are likely. As the wells deplete, Priority has a variety of gas-lift products to accommodate installation of gas- lift valves deeper into the wellbore to maximize production. Typically, the deeper gas-lift system is accompanied with a plunger to create a hybrid gas-lift and plunger lift system. This hybrid system is designed to reduce flowing bottomhole pressure and increase gas-lift efficiency. Priority has nine service locations and a man- ufacturing facility in the U.S. RFG Petro Systems RFG Petro Systems manufactures sucker-rod guides (centralizers), guided couplings and sta- bilizer bars using its MP polymer. The MP poly- mer offers extreme wear and chemical resistance and is mechanically and dimensionally stable in a wide temperature range up to 260 C (500 F). This technology provides RFG Petro Systems rod guides, guided couplings stabilizer bars with extended product life and helps to protect against tubing wear. RFG's MP Rod Guides are molded directly onto the sucker rod to ensure the guide stays in place to protect against rod-on-tubing wear. Its engineered guide spacing allows both the rod and coupling to remain off the tubing wall. The RFG Box-Guide is a guided coupling that allows the consumer to use the MP technology to gain protection in a field-installed guide to protect against coupling-on-tubing wear. RFG's Stabilizer Bars also feature the MP polymer making them thermally, mechanically and dimen- sionally stable in temperatures up to 260 C. All of RFG Petro Systems products using the MP polymer and geometry are suitable for lined/coated tubing. RigNet RigNet provides systems ranging from fully man- aged voice and data networks to advanced applica- tions that include video conferencing, crew welfare, asset monitoring and real-time data services, sys- tem integration and onsite maintenance to enhance workforce productivity, safety and security at remote sites. From near-urban area deployments with LTE coverage to remote areas where satellites are the only option, RigNet provides multinetwork connectivity, coupled with a host of hardware and application services that facilitate end-to-end visibility and man- agement of cost, devices and operations. With RigNet's Intelie machine learning layer, the company also can drive operational efficiency and growth through smart data analytics and real-time decision-making. The company's "Life of the Well" services in major shale plays cover an area of 150,000 sq miles and fea- ture nearly 60% of the land-based drilling rigs in the U.S. RigNet can install both temporary and perma- nent, high-speed network infrastructure to rigs that allow operators and service companies to connect to their corporate network, business operations and crew securely from the time the rig arrives at a location to when it leaves. These networks are protected by RigNet's Cyphre hardware-based, key management and orchestration systems. Rockwell Automation The Rockwell Automation OptiLift artificial lift sys- tem provides end-to-end smart field operations to oil and gas operators globally. The OptiLift Intel- ligent Net Oil Computer (iNOC) is an engineered system that offers remote connectivity, enhanced visualization, optimized test capacity and improved test duration. The iNOC system is part of a fully connected oil field. The iNOC system improves well RFG Petro Systems sucker-rod guides are manufactured using MP polymer, making the tool resistant to high temperatures. (Image courtesy of RFG Petro Systems)

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