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12 | July 2018 | ARTIFICIAL LIFT: KEY PLAYERS Materion Materion has engineered its ToughMet 3 Sucker Rod Couplings for shale wells operating on an artificial lift rod pump. The couplings help elim- inate production interruptions caused by sucker rod coupling and production tubing failures in deviated shale wells. The ToughMet 3 alloy was originally engineered for oilfield applications and has more than 20 years' use in directional drilling tools and other oilfield equipment components. The couplings resist mechanical wear, thread damage, corrosion and erosion. Materion's ToughMet copper-nickel-tin alloys are spinodally hardened to provide attributes beyond those typically found in high-strength cop- per alloys. Those attributes include high impact and fatigue strength; corrosion, erosion and wear resistance in most oilfield environments; control fluid compatibility; magnetic transparency; and anti-friction and anti-galling characteristics. The ToughMet 3 alloy resists hydrogen embrittlement, chloride stress corrosion cracking and moderate hydrogen sulfide environments. A full range of ToughMet couplings are avail- able from local inventories for just-in-time delivery, including sucker rod couplings, cross-over couplings, polished rod couplings, and the company's new valve rod guide bushing coupling. MRC Global MRC Global distributes pipe, valve and fitting products and provides services to the oil and gas industry. The company's upstream market concen- trates on products used during the exploration, completion and production of oil, gas and NGL. MRC Global offers it products to production crews to move hydrocarbons into gathering systems or pipelines for processing. The company also pro- vides value-added services such as project trailers, kitting of well hookup materials, integrated supply and valve actuation. Its product lines include high-density polyethylene and fiberglass piping, valves, lifting and handling products, measurement devices, pumping systems— including rods and rod pumps—pumps and acces- sories, tanks and separators, as well as drilling and production tools and wellheads, including casing heads, tubing heads and casing supports. MRC Global's line of drilling and production equipment includes downhole equipment, fishing tools, pack - ers, pit liners and tubing handling equipment. The company's array of valves includes ball, butterfly, plug, check, multi-turn, subsea and specialty valves. National Oilwell Varco Artificial lift technologies provided by National Oil- well Varco (NOV) include rod pumping systems, progressing cavity pump (PCP) systems, tubing rota- tors and automation. NOV's rod pump systems include hydraulic pump - ing units, rod and tubing rotators, and downhole rod pumps and components. The rod pump systems are designed to have a smaller footprint and quick instal- lation time, according to the company, while increas- ing personnel safety and improving control over oil and gas production. Additionally, NOV provides a full suite of production service hookup equipment for PCP and rod pumping applications, with design Materion's ToughMet 3 Sucker Rod and Valve Rod Guide Bushing Couplings eliminate the most common causes of failure in wells operating on artificial lift. (Image courtesy of Materion) This electric PCP drivehead installed in the field uses a hydrodynamic backspin braking system for safer, more efficient PCP control. (Photo courtesy of NOV)

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