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Page 12 of 51 | July 2018 | 11 ARTIFICIAL LIFT: KEY PLAYERS The new artificial lift systems are designed to meet the challenges for unconventional and mature plays in the U.S. and abroad. The company's latest technology is the SandRight, a solids fallback preventer designed to deter damaging solids from entering an ESP during power shutdown events, preserving the ESP's life. Halliburton Artificial Lift provides custom- ized solutions and ongoing support through real- time collaboration. Liberty Lift Solutions LLC Liberty Lift provides artificial lift products including long stroke pumping units, beam pumping units, gas-lift systems and hydraulic jet pump units. In 2017 Liberty Lift developed HyRate, a new tech- nique that is designed to address and improve gas-lift shortcomings and facilitates annular and tubing lift without a workover rig. The technique "incorporates an externally mounted assembly with both special capsule valve mandrels that allow annular flow and conventional mandrels permitting assisted tubing flow," the company stated on its website. "The conver- sion from one lift method to another can be accom- plished quickly and efficiently with the only use of a wireline to pull or replace the bottom tubing plug." In addition, in March 2017 the company added a 366-in. stroke length version, the XL 366, to its long stroke rod pumping unit product line. The unit can detect potential operating abnormali- ties, pausing or stopping the unit when alerted, and it also incorporates a clean oiling system for internal parts and safety features to protect oper- ating personnel and the environment, according to the company. Liberty Lift also works with JJ Tech to offer hydrau- lic jet pump units that include a surface power fluid system, prime mover, surface pump and downhole jet pump. Lightning Production Services Lightning Production Services manufactures continuous rod and liner tubing, coiled rod ser- vices, and installation and welding of continuous sucker rods. The company's LightningRod continuous rod eliminates all the couplings along the wellbore except for the top connection to the polished rod and the bottom connection to the pump itself. By eliminating the couplings along the wellbore, the pressure points between the rods and the tubing are minimized by spreading the pressure along a longer contact area of the rod and tubing. The result is longer run lives of both the rods and the tubing, which inherently increase the mean time between failures, according to the company. Lightning Production Services' LightningFlo ther- moplastic tubular lining is mechanically inserted and bonded to the inside diameter of the tubing joint allowing the liner to be installed inside of both new and used tubing. The lining provides protection from frictional wear and corrosive effects of the caustic downhole environment. The company's service offerings include main- tenance and repairs on wells with conventional or continuous sucker rod and other types of artificial lift. The company also provides pump changes, bro- ken rod maintenance, pulls and flushes, polish rod changes, packing or stuffing box changes, drive head maintenance and fishing services. XRange pump stages from Summit ESP, a Halliburton service, incorporate hydraulic design concepts with wide mixed- flow vanes and greater operating ranges. They are designed specifically to handle broader drawdowns of conventional wells and rapidly declining production from unconventional shale wells. (Photo courtesy of Halliburton)

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