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10 | July 2018 | ARTIFICIAL LIFT: KEY PLAYERS The business expanded to include electronic prod- uct design services in 2016, offering a wide range of specialized skills in electronic hardware, firmware, mechanical, and test design and implementation. Flowco Production Solutions Flowco Production Solutions offers a full range of artificial lift services, including gas-lift and plunger lift systems. Among the gas-lift services offered by Flowco are continuous flow gas lift, intermittent gas lift, cas- ing (annular) flow, a packer bypass system (PBS), a micro-annulus crossover system and an increased annular velocity system. The PBS combines a con- ventional gas-lift system with a packer. The micro-annulus crossover system is offered in both horizontal and vertical systems. The hor- izontal micro-annulus system utilizes a crossover flow adapter and mini wellbore below the packer, a method that allows deeper point of gas injection compared to traditional gas-lift systems. The vertical micro-annulus system is an option for wells with low reservoir pressure where it is important to isolate gas-lift pressure from the perforations. The company's plunger lift applications include traditional lifts and continuous flow plunger lifts. Flowco's line of plunger lifts includes the Rage bypass plunger, the Spin-Fury plunger and the Sure-Seal plunger. The plungers are suited for wells that recently have been completed, with sand and/or scale problems and for horizontal applications or deviated wells. Global Production Solutions LLC Global Production Solutions LLC's (GPS) artificial lift products and services include electric submers- ible pumps (ESP), jet pumping, well testing and repairs. In addition, the company's control and auto- mation offerings for artificial lift include variable speed drives, motor controllers, switchboards and metering panels. GPS developed a program to optimize water trans- fer and disposal costs. In testing, the company said it has reduced power usage by up to 50% while also reducing mechanical wear. Additionally, the company's reciprocating ESP system consists of a modified conventional ball and seat pump driven by a reciprocating downhole motor, combined with specific variable speed drive technology. This unit can be applied where flow rates are below conventional ESP systems, have a high gas-liquid ratio and high dogleg severity, and/ or in horizontally completed wells where traditional rod-driven systems are inefficient and ineffective, according to the company. The unit also can be applied in low-profile locations or where a small footprint is required. GPS also has developed a proprietary algorithm to allow greater bottomhole pressure (BHP) drawdown while maximizing inflow potential as compared to conventional gas lift. The system extends the applica- tion to lower BHP wells that previously were not con- sidered viable gas-lift candidates and were produced inefficiently through other forms of artificial lift. Halliburton Halliburton's artificial lift portfolio includes elec- tric submersible pumps (ESP), horizontal pump- ing systems (HPS), progressive cavity pumps and 24/7 well monitoring. The company also provides artificial lift installation, maintenance, repair and testing services. In July 2017 Halliburton acquired Summit ESP, a provider of ESP technology and services. Summit ESP technologies include the Tiger Shark, XRange and XRange Defender pump lines, Corsair motors, and a wide range of products and services to meet ESP and HPS needs. "Combining the best technologies, market research and customer feedback, the expanded portfolio offers solutions for challenging applications with the pres- ence of sand, corrosive compounds, high tempera- tures and gas-plugging issues," the company said. The Sasquatch velocity sensor is a new development in plunger lift that tracks kinetic energy of plunger arrivals and can generate alarms on hard and dangerous impacts at surface. (Image courtesy of Extreme Telematics Corp.)

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