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Page 8 of 55 Take Three Steps to High-quality, Low-cost Recycled Water The Hydrozonix HzO Trio program uses ozone and innovative technology to replace conventional chemical programs. The result: more effective control of bacteria, iron and sulfi de at a much lower cost. Step One: The HYDRO 3 CIDE automated oxidation system treats produced and fl owback water in gathering systems. Step Two: The portable Hydro-Air Aeration System aerates and mixes water in storage pits and tanks to maintain water quality and prevent bacteria buildup. Step Three: The HZ80 oxidation system provides the fi nal polish by disinfecting water without chemicals that can be incompatible with frac fl uids. Operators that recycle with the HzO Trio combination have achieved higher quality water for a fraction of the cost of chemical programs—less than $0.20/bbl. With the HzO Trio water management program from Hydrozonix 2 1 3

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