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48 | April 2018 | WATER MANAGEMENT: CASE STUDIES agriculture or discharge into the environment and completely mitigates the need for any use of imported potable water by the producer. Vaporization can be used if wanted as there is no risk of any chemical dis- charge into the environment due to the water's purity. The company's process can handle any concen- tration of TDS from 1,000 mg/l to 500,000 mg/l entrained in the water column as long as the col- umn can be pumped, is somewhat fluidic and will flow. The concentration of the contaminants will affect the speed at which any specific treatment train can process; however, there is no limitation on the chemical toxicity or TDS concentration with the process. This is a unique feature as all other systems are restricted in most cases by TDS levels. Water with lower TDS or chemical properties may require a simpler process. Kaizen's technologies are customizable and can function independently for specific tasks or be placed in sequence for complex water purification needs. Systems are fully scalable and have the capability of purifying virtually any discharge stream of frac- ture fluid or produced water as generated within the oil and gas industry with a minimum size of 50 gal/min. In many cases there is no need to remove TDS or other components found in produced or frac- ture water. For this reason Kaizen can deploy only the required pieces of equipment to the site for the specific needs of the producer. The company also can supply complete systems capable of purifying high (more than 400,000 ppm) TDS produced water to potable standards. The system also can precondition water before, after and during frac- ture operations or process a fixed volume of pro- duced water at any site and make it suitable for its designated use. The electromechanical process typically reconfigures undesirable compounds into useful products and does not generate a toxic waste stream. Kaizen Fluid Systems' separation equipment works to eliminate TDS and TSS from produced water. (Photo courtesy of Kaizen Fluid Systems)

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