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32 | April 2018 | WATER MANAGEMENT: TECHNOLOGY Select takes the basic pump and refabricates it with the company's technology. "We'll put the brain on it, adjust it and tie that into the functionality," Ladhani said. "You can remove some of the labor cost from the equation because you don't have somebody driving the line checking the pumps and the actual water hoses." In 2017 an operator in the Permian went out for bids to move produced water. Select won the bid because the other two providers did not have auto- mated pumps. "I think we're unique right now," she added. "It is something that customers are willing to speak out about. Our automated pumps are fully utilized because once a company gets comfortable with the automation, it wants to use it." In high grading its technology the company made meaningful strides in its combinations in 2017. One such technology is in providing total visibility of water flows and levels to Select managers operating the jobs, and the technology is also available to customers. "When you have large completions that sometimes have dozens of wells in a particular area with millions of barrels of water, this becomes very important. In our system it is monitoring tanks, wells and the flow of water through our pumps. They are also monitor- ing water quality," Ladhani said. The system provides alerts for pre-established min- imum and maximum levels in a tank. There is an alert before there is a risk of overflowing. "It is almost a must with the volumes of water and the complexity of the water networks operators are dealing with," she added. Another technology Ladhani mentioned was in regard to its chemical business. "We manufacture and deliver frack chemicals to the large service companies. Our delivery system is such that we can drop a tanker of product on location and then monitor the chemical usage by stage on each well, which is information the pressure pumping companies find useful," she said. Select can also remotely monitor volume levels so that it knows when a customer is running low and can anticipate when a customer needs a refill. "It avoids last-minute antics or just the confusion that can come in trying to refill on a minute's notice," Ladhani said. According to Ladhani, the company is emphasiz- ing artificial intelligence. The automated pumps are programmed to respond on their own to changing operating conditions. "We have gathered enough data for the machine to know how to react and deal with the varying circumstances. There are ways to apply the technology we're using there into other parts of the business," she added. Evaporation, crystallization cuts disposal costs Veolia's evaporation and crystallization system, the Modularized Bulldozer Design (MBD), was devel- oped to improve capex, opex and environmental per- formance for its clients. The technology is designed to handle difficult water chemistry from a wide array of industrial markets. The primary target markets are oil and gas, mining, power and chemical waste, Nicholson said. The technology is also designed for rapid and eco - nomical installation in remote areas, thus reducing capex. The system is robust and highly automated, so expensive manpower in these remote areas can be minimized, according to the company. Finally, the technology is designed to reduce or eliminate liquid waste from client facilities, thus reducing high disposal costs and improving environmental perfor- mance, he continued. In 2016 the company sold its first MBD unit in the oil and gas industry. "The site was remote where installation and operating manpower costs are high. The site was looking to reduce liquid waste volume that was being trucked off at considerable operating expense. The MBD unit recycles water, which improves the environmental performance of the plant, and the recycled water is used in the plant to improve the plant production," Nicholson said. "The technology was developed specifically for that type of application." The modular MBD is designed to shorten project schedules and save installation costs. (Photo courtesy of Veolia Water Technologies)

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