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24 | April 2018 | WATER MANAGEMENT: KEY PLAYERS existing infrastructures, and it provides a system that visualizes processes, ana lyzes system data, automates functionality and dis tributes realtime data to deci sion makers, operators and supervisors. Water products and services include water track ing, pump/pipeline controls and transfer verifica tion, production tank levels with leak detection, water treatment and storage, flow volumes and rate moni toring, and multiple tank support. TETRA Technologies Inc. With operations on six continents, TETRA Tech nologies provides water management, completion fl uids and production well testing services to sup port land completion activity in all basins in the U.S. and Canada. The water management product line supports the upstream oil and gas industry, in particular hydraulic fracturing operations in which large volumes of water are required. The compa ny's services support the transfer, storage and treat ment of all water types including fresh, brackish, pro duced and fl owback water. Each project is cus tom designed using the company's proprietary planning and engineering software. The company's services include planning, testing, filtration, blending and treatment chemistries to deliver water at the required specifications. TETRA's biocide and TETRAClean treatment additives are designed to be fastacting, quick degrading, "green" biocides that kill bacteria as fracturing water moves through the tanks. The automated water blend ing controller and its patented blending manifold ensures that the water is consistent throughout the entire fracturing specification. TETRA's new oil separator, the mobile Orapt system, removes sellable oil from produced water, which would normally incur disposal costs. TETRA offers a variety of reusable aboveground storage options that are designed for easy assembly and relocation. The company's TETRA STEEL tech nology uses zerodischarge Storz Couplings and is mobilized using a patented rapid deployment system (TETRA STEEL RDV), which is designed to result in faster rigup and rigdown, shorter turnaround time between jobs and improved operational per formance, the company stated on its website. Veolia Veolia designs and provides water, waste and energy management solutions that contribute to the sus tainable development of communities and indus tries, according to the company. Through its three complementary business activities, Veolia helps to develop access to resources, preserve available resources and replenish them. The company has more than 350 water technolo gies for physical/chemical processes, biological treat ment, anaerobic wastewater treatment, filtration and separation, extraction, evaporation and crystalliza tion, mobile water treatment, treatment chemicals and membranebased solutions. HydroWatch is confi gurable for myriad of water transfer applications. (Photo courtesy of TekSolv) With potential throughput ranging from 25,000 bbl/d to 35,000 bbl/d, the TETRA Orapt helps pull out as much oil as possible prior to fi ltering and blending produced water—down to 50 ppm to 100 ppm. (Photo courtesy of TETRA Technologies Inc.)

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