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22 | April 2018 | WATER MANAGEMENT: KEY PLAYERS impeller induced cyclonics provides instantaneous separation of water, oil and solids at high flow rates through a single pass to bring new efficiencies to oilfield water sourcing and management. Select Energy Services Select Energy Services provides water services, well testing, fluid handling, disposal, oilfield chemicals, sand distribution, and wellsite com pletion and con struction throughout the U.S. and Western Canada. The company's water related services include water sourcing, water transfer, water storage and con tainment, and water treatment. The company has developed AquaView, a telem etry system with the ability to remotely monitor and control water assets and provide real time data. The system provides users with hydrographic mapping, remote monitoring of the volume and quality of water assets, reports and alerts. AquaView pump automation and proportioning sys tems respond to operator specifications and changing conditions in real time with the ability to remotely set and main tain operational parameters. In November 2017 Select Energy Services com pleted a merger with Rockwater Energy Solutions, expanding the scale of its water management oper ations and asset base in key basins. The addition of technologies and services as a result of the transac tion include an oilfield chemicals segment specializ ing in the development and distribution of chemical technologies used in completion, stimulation and production. This combined expertise allows Select Energy Services to provide operators with an optimal approach to fluid quality and logistics issues. Sourcewater Sourcewater was founded at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is based in Houston. Launching in 2015, is the online marketplace for sourcing, recycling and disposing of water in the energy ecosystem. "Our platform ensures a reliable mission critical supply chain, the lowest cost and the highest capacity utilization for the primary input and output of upstream energy production: water," according to founder and CEO Josh Adler. Operator land and completions teams use Source- to find the best available water sources and water rights when they are planning their drilling programs, including exclusive access to satellite data showing the location and ownership of all water pits in the Permian Basin and the ability to trade excess freshwater and produced water between operators. In addition, service companies and water mid stream companies can offer water sources and disposal capacity to operators, including through a unique real time disposal capacity market that allows disposals to promote excess disposal capac ity to dispatchers and allows production managers and hauling dispatchers to eliminate long standby times at busy disposals and get paid for more runs every day. Moreover, landowners can list their water rights and rights of way to get the best offers. TekSolv TekSolv provides integrated safety, equipment and automation services. The company's technologies and safety services are designed to improve oilfield automation, life safety and water management systems for drilling, completions, flowback, pro duction and midstream operations. The company has offices in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois and West Virginia. TekSolv's HydroWatch is a water management technology system that allows quick deployment of critical water tracking hardware with integration into real time management software, the company stated on its website. The system uses existing field hardware such as flow meters, level sensors and other monitoring equipment permits for integration into Operator land and completions teams use to find the best available water sources and water rights when they are planning their drilling programs. (Image courtesy of Sourcewater)

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