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20 | April 2018 | WATER MANAGEMENT: KEY PLAYERS icals, the process is easy to install in existing systems and has a very low operating cost. The CTour process has been used in Norway, having treated as much as 70% of all Norwegian offshore produced water. This equates to more than 2 MMbbl/d of water. In addition, ProSep's Osorb Media is a regenerable, organically modified silica adsorbent used to treat oil field, refinery and petro chemical effluent waters and gas streams. It adsorbs free, dispersed and water sol uble hydrocarbons as well as many nonpolar oilfield chemicals from effluent water including benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylene (BTEX) compo nents. Osorb also has successfully removed BTEX in a selective manner in natural gas wash water streams containing methanol yielding better than 45% IRR. The company's scalable TORR coalescing tech nology addresses effluent excursions, particularly chemically induced emulsions, as well as increases in water cut for offshore operators. TORR systems reduce oilinwater content from 1,000 ppm down to dis charge regulation, often less than 5 ppm to 10 ppm and remove/recover oil droplets larger than 2 µ. ProSep also offers mixers for water treatment applications demonstrat ing 25% to 60% reduc tion in chemical consumption as well as opti mizing processes. Schlumberger Schlumberger offers many products and services for water treatment including oil removal and polishing of produced water, seawater conditioning for pri mary injection and controlledsalinity water injec tion for EOR. For oil removal, the EPCON Dual compact f lotation unit has an engi neer ed design that incorporates resid ual flotation gas in a secondary separa tion stage to increase oilinwater removal efficiency while fully degassing the clean water outlet. For pol ishing, the PETRECO H Y D RO M AT I O N nutshell filter pro vides high through put for purification of oily process water and industrial wastewater while delivering operational reliability with up to 99% annualized online perfor mance history, according to the company. The company's water injection technologies are used in the treatment of seawater for biofoulant con trol, dissolved oxygen removal, and suspended and dissolved solids removal. Schlumberger's METROL SEACELL electrochlo rinator generates hypochlorite from seawater in situ, which is used to prevent the growth of living organ isms. The company's BFCC copper chlorine system uses low levels of copper and hypochlorite to control biological activity in water systems. The company's METROL SEASCREEN coarse strainer removes silt, plankton, algae and 98% of particles larger than 100 µm. It also can be used when space and weight are restricted. For oxygen removal, Schlumberger supplies its VDX vacuumstripping deaeration system and its GDX gasstrip deaeration system. The company also has developed the CDX compact deoxygenation sys tem for more compact and lightweight equipment. Developed to mitigate water management chal lenges, the xWATER Integrated WaterFlexible Frac turing Fluid Delivery Service allows operators to reuse 100% of produced water, thereby reducing or eliminating costs associated with water acquisition, conveyance, treatment and disposal. As part of the company's newest endeavors into oilfield water treatment, Schlumberger can provide simultaneous threeway separation of oil, water and solids for onsite oilfield water treatment. The Voraxial The EPCON DUAL compact fl otation unit enables bulk oil removal through polishing of water in half the footprint of conventional technologies. (Photo courtesy of Schlumberger)

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