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18 | April 2018 | WATER MANAGEMENT: KEY PLAYERS water disposal wells totaling 80,000 barrels per day of permitted disposal capacity." Halliburton Halliburton provides technologies designed to min imize water costs and increase hydrocarbon produc tion. The company addresses water management challenges from surface to subsurface with pro cesses, tools and expertise. Halliburton assists operators in capturing and treating complex fluids in agreement with local regu lations. The company also helps operators repurpose produced waters for use in oil and gas operations and other applications. Halliburton developed water based polymer systems and sealants that have limited the flow of produced formation water into the wellbore. The company's relative permeability modifier technology provides water oil separation in downhole condi tions and has reduced water production, according to the company. In addition, the simpler fluid chemistry and the nonrequirement for crosslinker is designed to make Halliburton's UniStim fluid practical and economical for use in a wide variety of produced water. Hydrasep Hydrasep treats fracture flowback water and pro duced water in line and onsite. This results in zero oil releases into ponds or storage, less loading on post treatment processes like desalination, less work on the backend and less time onsite. Hydrasep technology helps with water pro cess treatment and lowers operating cost. The company's separation units pretreat wastewater reducing downstream chemical consumption, filtering needs and system upsets. The technology will treat recirculation cooling water, extend the life of pumps and spray nozzles, maintain product integrity and reduce downtime, according to the company's website. The technology also recovers groundwater contaminants. Hydrozonix Hydrozonix is a water management company that offers consulting, technology and services to reduce risk and operating cost by optimizing water qual ity and use throughout the fracturing water cycle. The company's crews, products and services are used by major and independent operators working in unconventional oil and gas throughout the U.S. Hydrozonix operates in North Dakota, Pennsylva nia, Texas and Wyoming and has treated more than 100 MMbbl of water in five basins. The company offers treatment and recycling of produced, brackish and freshwater either onsite or offsite as well as pit treatment and management. One of the company's latest products is the Hydro 3 Cide fully automated, unmanned oxidation system. The system can be purchased or leased. The system is normally used upstream of gun barrels, where the Hydro 3 Cide improves oil/water separation and pro duces a fracture ready water quality. When combined with the company's portable aeration systems, treated water can be stored without fear of bacteria growth or H 2 S generation, according to Hydrozonix. Hydrozonix also offers the combination of in line treatment, aeration and final disinfection. This com bination is referred to as H Z O Trio. Hydrozonix also released its HydroFlare produced water evaporator, while also offering gathering system optimization, membranes filtration and multiple solids control systems. The company said a constant in all of its services is real time water quality testing and analysis. ProSep ProSep provides proprietary and conventional water treatment equipment, sys tems and services to assist operators in managing and treating their produced water streams and pro viding solutions that meet or exceed regulatory and/or other opera tional requirements, primarily focus ing on effluent polishing technologies. The company's CTour process removes dispersed oil and dissolved hydrocarbon contaminants in the produced water stream through injection of a hydro carbon con densate stream. Not requiring any chem Hydrasep manufactures custom-designed oil/water separators. (Photo courtesy of Hydrasep)

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