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Page 18 of 55 | April 2018 | 17 WATER MANAGEMENT: KEY PLAYERS tation costs of produced water by treating the waste water onsite, producing freshwater and saturated brine, reducing any negative environmental foot print," the company stated on its website. The company also offers its Selective Chemical Extraction (SCE) custom engineered, mobile water treatment process to provide reusable clean brine as hydraulic fracturing fluid. "By cleaning water only to the needed level—and not beyond—our SCE solution enables the reuse of treated produced water for oper ations, saving customers both time and money," the company stated on its website. H 2 O Midstream LLC H 2 O Midstream LLC is a private equity funded midstream company focused exclusively on water. The company builds, owns and operates long term water infrastructure that is designed to help pro ducers improve the reliability, efficiency and safety of water operations while also lowering costs. The company is active in all major producing basins within North America. The company's midstream services encompass the com plete water life cycle including sourcing, transporta tion, storage, distribution and reuse of freshwater, brackish and produced water as well as the gathering and dis posal of hydraulic fracturing flow back and formation water over the life of the lease. "H 2 O Midstream focuses on creating value for all customers and stakeholders through a proven third party midstream approach to operating assets, structuring long term contracts and managing risk," the company said. In June 2017 H 2 O Midstream acquired the pro duced water infrastructure from Encana Oil & Gas (USA) Inc., according to a company press release. "Under the agreement H 2 O Midstream will gather, dispose and deliver for reuse produced water for a substantial portion of Encana's acreage position in Howard County, Texas," the release stated. "In con nection with the acquisition, H 2 O Midstream will assume ownership and operation of Encana's existing produced water gathering system consisting of over 100 miles of interconnected pipeline and five salt On Point drills, operates deep Ellenberger SWDs with produced water pipelines in the Midland Basin. This enables our E&P customers with cost effective disposal solutions far below their production operations and mitigates the pressure and H 2 S issues associated with shallow injection wells. On Point provides: n Produced water midstream services that reduce disposal costs n A network of 14 SWDs in the Midland basin to cut logistics expense n Best-in-class deep Ellenberger disposal wells and pipeline infrastructure Going Deep with Saltwater Disposal Infrastructure Find out how On Point can improve your produced water disposal operations. Visit us online at

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