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16 | April 2018 | WATER MANAGEMENT: KEY PLAYERS MAVREX water treating system; the ROVER and NOMAD recycling systems to clean brine or fresh water; and the MAG Tank solution for containment as well as sourcing solutions, aboveground and below ground pipeline transfer, trucking and Class II salt water disposal wells. According to a company brochure, FQES' ROVER is "a safe, reliable and rugged system designed to con vert produced and flowback water to clean saltwater for reuse during hydraulic fracturing." This flexible system that offers total suspended solids, iron and hydrocarbon removal is designed to result in pH neu tral clean brine for fracture supply. The company's NOMAD system converts waste water into surface discharge quality freshwater, and the MAVREX is a bacteria disinfection system that provides on the fly active monitoring and dosing of chlorine dioxide. The MAVREX monitors pre and post treatment water in real time and self adjusts as water conditions change. "Fountain Quail's ROVER, NOMAD and MAVREX can effectively eliminate the need for produced water transport and disposal and freshwater sourcing, allowing operators to save 30% and up to 80% on water management costs," FQES' website stated. Gradiant Energy Services Gradiant Energy Services (GES) is an energy tech nology company focused on providing innovations in water management and treatment to oil and gas operators. Launched out of the Massachusetts Insti tute of Technology in 2012 and owning multiple patents, the company can treat any influent water quality through its permanent and mobile treatment facilities. GES works with oil and gas operators in large activity shale play areas, such as the Marcellus Shale and Permian Basin. The company's water treatment offerings include bacteria disinfection, reusable clean brine, evaporative disposal and desalination. GES is treating approxi mately 225,000 bbl/d across the four product lines (as of January). The four product lines offer not only varying levels of treatment but also cost effective pricing for a variety of operators ranging from super majors to small independents. The company's pinnacle offering is its Carrier Gas Extraction (CGE) technology, which desalinates oil field wastewaters to produce extremely freshwater (less than 500 ppm) and a highly concentrated brine solution that can be utilized for drilling, workovers and completions. "CGE reduces the high transpor The ROVER mobile clarifier package is an in-field technology designed for primary treatment of shale gas flowback at or near the source. (Photo courtesy of Fountain Quail Energy Solutions) Gradiant Energy Services' SCE 2.0 recycling plant is operating in the Delaware Basin. (Photo courtesy of Gradiant Energy Services)

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