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12 | April 2018 | WATER MANAGEMENT: KEY PLAYERS waterflooding and other crucial downhole operations, the company stated on its website. The H2prO SR service uses proven filtration tech nology in a highly mobile sys tem to remove suspended solids from produced water and flowback water. The H2prO HD service uses chlorine dioxide, an environ mentally preferred chemistry, for onthefly water treatments during hydraulic fracturing, treatment of source water in pits, tanks and surface vessels, and treatment of downhole production, injection and disposal wells. In addition, BHGE's StimPlus flow assur ance ser vice provides a combination of hydraulic fracturing and production chemistry for years of ongoing active treatment to maximize postfracture production and minimize postfracture intervention costs, according to the company website. Cudd Energy Services Cudd Energy Services' Water Management Solu tions Division (WMS) provides customengi neered systems to address water management challenges. Offering water recy cling, onthefl y biocide services and well remediation solutions, WMS provides products and services for manag ing onsite fl uid quality for a wide variety of oil fi eld operations. The technologies behind WMS systems are proprietary and provide a unique and proven solution to water treatment. The WMS water recycling system restores any water for reuse in oilfield applications by eliminating the unwanted contaminants from fresh, brackish or recy cled water sources. By incorporating the company's OxiFlo chemical pretreatment technology, the water recycling system breaks down emulsions, accelerates iron removal and destroys H 2 S as well as other oxidiz able species subsequently removing hydrocarbons and solid content to yield a sub 5 nephelometrictu rbid ityunit clear brine ideal for completion operations. The system comprises com partmental units housed on individual trailers that can be rapidly mobilized to centralized pits, tank batteries and water collection/ treat ment facilities. The WMS biocide treatment system treats pro duced and surface waters, surface vessels, pits and wells for bacterial control. The system utilizes oxi dizing treatments to remove biomass and biofilm and additionally control iron sulfide, eliminate H 2 S, break emul sions and degrade other oxidizable species. The system uses Cudd's PetroFlo micro biocide, a fast ingacting biocide that effectively con trols all types of bacteria including sulfatereducing, acidproducing and biofilmforming bacteria that contaminate water supplies. This proprietary chem istry affords dual efficacy by providing both the benefits of chlorine dioxide chemistry at surface as well as a builtin downhole extender to provide unmatched biocidal control. Working together with other Cudd Energy Services groups, WMS can offer a complete array of well reme diation solutions to address any downhole blockage issues affecting performance of either injection or production wells. Digital H2O Digital H2O is a digital oilfi eld technology company that delivers softwarebased insights and solutions for the endtoend management of water in oil and gas production. The company deploys digital tools that use advanced data aggregation techniques, pre dictive decision analysis and inhouse algorithms to help operators, service companies and investors reduce the lifecycle cost of managing water and identify new market opportunities. The company's Water Asset Intelligence tool uses a proprietary data model and predictive algorithms to analyze tens of millions of publicly available water, oil and gas regulatory filings, completion and pro duction observations. The platform's key datasets include disposal capacity and utilization, visibility into water logistics, and WOG production and con sumption data. Water Asset Intelligence includes a watertransfer capability that leverages machine learn ing to provide a timeline view of where water travels after production to enable users to stay ahead of the oilfield water marketplace and reduce operating costs. The H2prO well chemical services use proven treatment technologies designed to conserve water, reduce transportation and disposal costs, and ensure compliance with regulations. (Photo courtesy of Baker Hughes, a GE company)

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