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Page 12 of 55 | April 2018 | 11 WATER MANAGEMENT: KEY PLAYERS wastewater treatment plants and process water recy cling systems. The company treats produced water, fracturing flowback and brine for reuse purposes such as EOR or irrigation. OilPaq, APATEQ's proprietary oil water separa tion system, "combines field proven ultrafiltration and proprietary process technologies as a one stop solution," a company press release stated. The sys tem is designed to treat oilfield and other environ mentally hazardous wastewaters for reuse or direct discharge into the environment. Either from onshore or offshore well sites, OilPaq can recover up to 99% of the oil from oil pad wastewaters, according to the company's website. For compact wastewater treatment at remote locations such as oilfield or construction camps, APATEQ provides the WaterPaq, a turnkey and compact solution producing an effluent for direct discharge in accordance with the most demanding international regulations, even in environmentally sensitive landscapes such as environmental protec tion zones in Canada. Alternatively, the WaterPaq can be customized to produce effluent for irrigation or washing purposes. The system is flexible with regard to fluctuations in inlet volume as well as total suspended and dissolved solids. Wastewater treat ment with the WaterPaq enables remote operation, surveillance and troubleshooting. Aquatech International Aquatech International provides water purification technology for industrial and infrastructure mar kets with a focus on desalination, water recycle/reuse, and zero liquid discharge. The company has successfully executed more than 1,000 water man agement proj ects in more than 60 countries world wide, accord ing to its website. Aquatech has offices throughout North America and subsidiaries in Europe, the Mid dle East, India and China. Water management services include spare parts supply, build own operate and maintenance con tracts, technical audits, leased water treatment sys tems, technical training and remote monitoring. Water treatment and wastewater services for upstream oil and gas companies include recycle/ reuse of produced water, industrial process water, deoiling, induced gas flotation, walnut shell filters/ oil removal filters, warm line softening clarification, after filters, ion exchange softening, evaporation, crystalli zation for zero liquid discharge, brine neu tralization and high temperature membrane. These services can be applied to coal seam gas/coalbed methane associ ated water treatments, produced water deoiling, pro duced water treatments for boiled feedwater makeup, and evaporator brine treatments for discharge/deep well injection. With treatment processes based on technology from Aquatech International, Aquatech Energy Ser vices (AES) provides services on a turnkey basis to the unconventional shale and conventional oil and natural gas industry to manage and treat for ben eficial reuse and to dispose drilling, flowback and produced water. In addition, Fluid Recovery Services (FRS) operates within Appalachia providing turnkey water services to the unconventional and conventional oil and natural gas industry, providing the same man agement and treatment services as AES. FRS and AES provide disinfection services using biocides and disinfectants to treat source water and produced water for sulfate reducing bacteria, reduc tion of H 2 S and prevention of biofilm formation within oil and water tank batteries. The companies operate multiple merchant cen tral water treatment facilities to treat and dispose of wastewater from E&P activities. Baker Hughes, a GE company Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE), provides well chemical products and services that are designed to help improve hydrocarbon production and reduce operating and water related costs throughout the entire life cycle of the well. The BHGE H2prO well chemical services use the industry's oldest problem—unwanted water produc tion and flowback—to solve its newest challenge of getting enough water for oil field operations. This technology is designed to allow operators to get the water needed in the right place, at the right time and with the right quality to perform hydraulic fracturing, An OilPaq container module facilitates redundant ultrafiltration. (Photo courtesy of APATEQ)

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