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Page 74 of 107 | January 2018 | 73 DRILLING TECHNOLOGY | 2018 UNCONVENTIONAL YEARBOOK mize long-reach drilling performance combined with pad walking capa- bility and are active in virtually every resource play in North America," said Neveu. Petrello noted that N a b o r s ' P A C E - X 8 0 0 and PACE-M800 rigs " c o n t i n u e d t o b e fully utilized. We also d e p l o y e d o u r f i r s t Quad PACE-X800 rig into the South Texas market. The Lower 48 o p e r a t i o n i n c r e a s e d by seven average rigs w o r k i n g d u r i n g t h e third quarter, includ- ing the deployment of its first of two Quad rigs in late July. This upgrade capability is unique to the compa- ny's PACE-X800 rigs. "The Quad configu- ration incorporates the ability to rack and han- dle four joints of drill pipe in a single stand," he said. "This yields higher racking capacity and speeds up the tripping of pipe in and out of the well. It also allows casing to be racked and run in double lengths, which significantly reduces the time required for instal- lation of the casing into the well. The second Quad rig configuration is expected to soon com- mence operations in West Texas. "Results should also benefit from the expected deployment before year-end [2017] of the first two of the company's PACE-M1000 newbuild SmartRig units that are currently under con- struction. This rig features pad capabilities equivalent to the PACE-X800 rig but with 1 million pounds of hookload and higher racking capacity," he said. n Permian Single-well versus Multiwell Pads by Percentage Permian Wells by Pad Size The number of wells drilled per quarter from multiwell pads in the Permian Basin has risen steadily and topped 50% in first-quarter 2017. (Source: Energent Group) In the Permian Basin more than 60% of the wells since 2011 have been drilled on multiwell pads, with about 15% of the pads with five or more wells. (Source: Energent Group)

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