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MULTI WELL BULK SEPARATOR SKID TRUCK LOAD STATION FLARE KO DRUM SKID FLARE STACK OR COMBUSTOR ELEVATED FLARE LINES MULTI-WELL MODULAR PRODUCTION SYSTEM FACILITY SHOWN PIPE RACK/ FUEL GAS SKID HP/LP/TEST SEPARATOR SKIDS FUEL GAS VESSEL PIPE RACK SKID VAPOR RECOVERY SYSTEM INTEGRATED SYSTEM APPROACH Tri-Point helps customers maximize efficiency for the life of the well, providing services from engineering to installation, start-up and field maintenance. Our Tri-Point Modular Production System (MPS) is designed to accommodate single to multi-well layouts, by offering plug and play capability to provide customers with the flexibility needed for the life of the well. Our integrated system approach helps customers optimize surface facility layout, generating capital expenditure savings and reduced installation timing. Tri-Point is an oil and gas production and processing equipment company that brings together high-performing products, engineered solutions and turnkey services to support an integrated system approach from the wellhead through the pipeline. The company has the expertise and capabilities to deliver high quality, tailored solutions to meet customer needs across the upstream and midstream markets in all major U.S. basins. WWW.TRI-POINTLLC.COM T R I - P O I N T B R A N D S

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