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70 | January 2018 | 2018 UNCONVENTIONAL YEARBOOK | DRILLING TECHNOLOGY Precision chose an open source version of its platform. "Anyone can write applications to take over some of the set points and execution of oper- ations. We have several very engaged customers in the process. We are actually looking to the future for them to be able to develop their own applica- tions for the platform to optimize their profits and performance of the rig based on their own models that they've developed internally yet have not had a means to deploy to the field," he said. The company is moving through the beta phase of the rollout of the platform. "We're moving them out to the field in development to get it to the point of full commercialization in 2018. We have industry partners as we typically do to jointly develop this platform and roll it out to the mar- ket," Cuku explained. The PAC is laid on top of NOV's Amphion control system. "We have approximately 106 rigs with Amphion," he said. "There is a great deal of leverage across our fleet in North America as well as a few rigs in the Middle East as we make the product commercial." Automation for better well placement According to Westwood, "The drive, both in the U.S. and internationally, for wells with longer lat- erals and multiple wells [that are] efficiently drilled from larger pads creates demand for high-horse- power modern AC rigs that can minimize time between each well." There is "a much smaller number of top-tier con- tractors [that] compete on the basis of having the best rigs, the best crews and significant scale, improv- ing their ability to meet client requirements. This premium segment competes less on cost and more on value of the high-spec rigs with industry-leading equipment and technology," Westwood added. Cuku explained, "From a length-of-lateral stand- point, if you can drill a higher quality wellbore that's better positioned, I think the laterals will have the ability to push out farther and farther." "To reach some of those longer laterals, the discussions are around what some companies call wellbore placement and other companies call lat- eral science. I think companies will improve the ability to drill straight vertical sections and have the kickoff point heel-to-toe, essentially with the toe up. There is still a lot of debate about that at least from the people we talk to as far as the right techniques," Bush said. "There is more technology that is required to really understand what's happening in the lateral and how the sensors, automation equipment or any of the new data sources can help with the drilling angles and completing the well," he continued. Precision Drilling Rig 579 drills in Oklahoma's Scoop play. (Photo courtesy of Precision Drilling)

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