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58 | January 2018 | 2018 UNCONVENTIONAL YEARBOOK | DOWNSPACING tern across a single-section interval in the Upper Meramec. Initial 15-day production rates averaged 2,200 boe/d per well (55% oil) and cost $6 million per well. The Pump House wells were drilled with 4,700-ft laterals and utilized a completion design that deployed 2,200 lb of proppant per lateral foot across 35 frack stages with perf clusters spaced 25 ft apart. The Pump House is three miles north of the Alma pilot. Through August 2017, Continental Resources, already top leaseholder in North Dakota and Montana's Bakken play, moved up to top producer. Much of that progress came from scientific application of downspacing and other efficiencies. The Oklahoma City-based producer is also a major player in the Midcontinent Scoop and Stack plays. Continental's downspaced Bakken wells are gen- erational status climbers. The children are outper- forming the parents, improving net asset values of the leases. "This is unique in the Bakken," said Gary Gould, Continental's senior vice president of production and resource development. "When we utilize larger, more complex optimized completions," he said, "the parent well also sees increased oil production and a decrease in gas-oil ratio (GOR). The decrease in GOR ratio proves that these completions are reaching new rock." In early 2017, Continental had 187 drilled but uncompleted wells (DUCs) in the Bakken and 90% of Bakken acreage held by production. The com- pany was waiting for price recovery before tapping its considerable reserves. Using drilling and com- pletion efficiencies, including downspacing, the harvest has begun. With breakeven prices falling to $20/bbl to $30/bbl based on improved technology, by the autumn of 2017 more than 100 DUCs were completed. Late in 2017, Continental also met a five-year goal of tripling its production to 300,000 boe/d, even in the face of lower oil prices. All of Continental's 2017 Bakken wells have used optimized completions and the majority of them have been drilled on 660-ft spacing. Results are impressive. The 2017 wells have doubled the Continental Resources Hawkinson Unit density drilling project is in the Bakken play in North Dakota. (Photo courtesy of Continental Resources)

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