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32 | January 2018 | 2018 UNCONVENTIONAL YEARBOOK | KEY PLAYERS Additionally, in the Delaware Basin Leonard, EOG completed three wells in the second quarter. In the North Dakota Bakken EOG completed 22 wells in the second quarter with an average treated lateral length of 8,400 ft per well and average 30-day IP rates per well of 1,450 boe/d, or 1,175 bbl/d of oil, 150 bbl/d of NGL and 0.7 MMcf/d of natu- ral gas. Of particular note is a four-well pattern in the Antelope Field in McKenzie County, the Clarks Creek 73, 74, 75 and 110-0719H, completed with an average treated lateral length of 9,800 ft per well and average 30-day IP rates per well of 2,965 boe/d, or 2,075 bbl/d of oil, 500 bbl/d of NGL and 2.3 MMcf/d of natural gas, the report stated. In addition, in the second quarter EOG com- pleted nine wells in Karnes County in the South Texas Austin Chalk, eight wells in the Powder River Basin Turner area and 10 wells in the Denver-Jules- burg Basin, according to the report. EP Energy ■ 173,110 net acres in the Uinta Basin ■ 91,675 net acres in the Eagle Ford EP Energy operates exclusively in the U.S. in the Altamont, Eagle Ford and Wolfcamp. The company's operations in the Uinta Basin are focused on developing the Altamont Field, which includes the Altamont, Bluebell and Cedar Rim fields. EP Energy owns 173,110 net acres in Duch- esne and Uinta counties. "Our [Altamont] current activity is mainly focused on the development of our vertical inven- tory on 160-acre spacing. We have identified an inventory of 1,126 drilling locations, including 776 vertical locations and 350 horizontal loca- tions. The industry is currently piloting 80-acre vertical downspacing programs in the Wasatch and Green River formations and horizontal devel- opment programs in the multiple shale and tight sand intervals," the company said on its website. "Because our acreage in the area is largely held by production, if these programs are successful, it will result in additional vertical and horizontal drilling opportunities that could be added to our inventory of drilling locations." In second-quarter 2017 EP Energy completed five gross wells (three net wells) in its Altamont program and produced 12.6 Mbbl/d of oil, a 15% increase compared to the year prior, according to the compa- ny's second-quarter 2017 results report. Total equiv- alent production for second-quarter 2017 was 18 Mboe/d, up 16% from second-quarter 2016. "EP Energy has two drilling rigs in Altamont and continues to benefit from its successful recompletion program," the company said in the report. During the second quarter, the company entered into a new 60-well drilling joint venture (JV) program. For sec- ond-half 2017, the company expected to run two JV drilling rigs and continue its recompletion program. In the Eagle Ford EP Energy has 91,675 net acres, where it has identified 946 drilling locations. In the second quarter, EP Energy completed nine wells in its Eagle Ford program and produced 26.4 Mbbl/d of oil, a 3% decrease compared with second-quarter 2016, according to the report. However, volumes were up 10% from first-quarter 2017. Total equiv- alent production for second-quarter 2017 was 41.5 Mboe/d. As of Aug. 2, 2017, EP Energy had one drill- ing rig in the Eagle Ford and remained focused on continuing to improve program returns and opera- tional efficiencies while running one drilling rig for the remainder of 2017, according to the report. In the Wolfcamp EP Energy completed 21 gross wells (10.5 net wells) and produced 9.9 Mbbl/d of oil in the Wolfcamp in the second quarter, a 46% increase compared to the year prior. Total equiva- lent production for second-quarter 2017 was 25.4 Mboe/d, according to the report. As of Aug. 2, 2017, EP Energy had two drilling rigs in the Wolfcamp and expected to increase well completions and pro- duction in the second half of the year while main- taining two drilling rigs for the remainder of 2017. EQT Corp. ■ 3.6 million gross acres in the Marcellus ■ Expected to drill about 207 Appalachian wells in 2017 EQT has been a natural gas producer in the Appa- lachian Basin for nearly 130 years. EQT owns about 3.6 million gross acres including about 790,000

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