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HART ENERGY 1616 S. Voss, Suite 1000 | Houston, Texas 77057 Tel: +1 (713) 260-6400 | Fax: +1 (713) 840-8585 Director Unconventional Resources PEGGY WILLIAMS Group Managing Editor, E&P JO ANN DAVY Executive Editor JENNIFER PRESLEY E&P Editor-in-Chief STEVE TOON Oil and Gas Investor Editor-in-Chief PAUL HART Midstream Business Associate Editor BRIAN WALZEL E&P Contributing Editors STEPHEN G. BECK GREGORY DL MORRIS SCOTT WEEDEN Associate Managing Editor ARIANA BENAVIDEZ Corporate Art Director ALEXA SANDERS Marketing Art Director MELISSA RITCHIE Oil and Gas Investor Art Director ROBERT AVILA Senior Graphic Designer MAX GUILLORY Production Manager SHARON COCHRAN Marketing Director GREG SALERNO For additional copies of this publication, contact Customer Service +1 (713) 260-6442. Vice President – Publishing RUSSELL LAAS Vice President – Publishing SHELLEY LAMB Publisher Midstream Business DARRIN WEST Editorial Director PEGGY WILLIAMS Chief Financial Officer CHRIS ARNDT Chief Executive Officer RICHARD A. EICHLER 2018 Unconventional Yearbook Table of Contents Cover photos, courtesy of Hart Energy's Oil and Gas Investor, (clockwise from left): Cactus Drilling Co.'s Rig 148 drilled for Cimarex Energy Co. in Culberson County, Texas, photo by Tom Fox; H&P floor hands Justin Hill (left) and Matthew Hertenstein put a slip in place to hold the drilling pipe on Headrick 14-11 HC No. 2-AH well at Comstock Resources' gas drilling operations in the Haynesville Shale, photo by Tom Fox; and overseeing Ensign 160 operations on West Branch Pad O for Seneca Resources in McKean County, Pa., photo by Glenn Kulbako. © Hart Energy 2018 2018 UNCONVENTIONAL YEARBOOK In an extension of Hart Energy's unconventional resources playbook series, known for its in-depth coverage of the most compelling shale plays in North America, the 2018 Unconventional Yearbook presents the most important facts and figures on the top U.S. resource plays. This eighth in an annual series of yearbooks provides an overview of current activity in the regional plays, profiles of key players, a review of advances in technology, as well as economic analysis and data. Like the playbooks, this yearbook includes a full-color map. To learn more, visit 2 6 74 96 54 64 INTRODUCTION: 2018 Looks Increasingly Positive for U.S. Oil and Gas OPEC-plus Russia remains willing to accommodate market conditions that support stability and range-bound prices. KEY PLAYERS: Companies Focus on Strong Profits, Driving Down Costs These players see a bright future. DOWNSPACING: Shifting Gears with Well Spacing Operators strive to optimize well spacing and maximize well economics. DRILLING TECHNOLOGY: Delivering Downhole Data to the Surface The uniqueness of each control system has inhibited large-scale automation projects because of the need to establish different communication protocols for each company. COMPLETION OPTIMIZATION: Enhanced Completions Drive Production Gains Innovations in spacing, lateral lengths and proppant usage are leading to more oil. MIDSTREAM: Staying Current with Modest Growth in Shale Production Even with the clamps on capex, production creeps higher; pipelines and processing are keeping pace. PRODUCTION FORECAST: In the Shale Spotlight The Permian Basin is expected to maintain a firm hold on the industryÕs focus in 2018. 88

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