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PERMIAN BASIN: PRODUCTION FORECAST | November 2017 | 73 In the Midland Basin we see higher GOR in the southern part of the play comprised mostly in the Wolfcamp B Formation. The northern and central parts of the play are oilier and are comprised of the Sprayberry and Wolfcamp reservoirs. To the north and west of the central part of the basin is the Central Basin Platform that produces predominantly from the San Andres. Acreage positions in all parts of the Permian are being secured, and production outcomes are beginning to be reported, help- ing the industry gauge the eco- nomics and effectiveness of horizontal drilling in a mostly vertical historic play. There have been multiple reports this year on ultimate recovery numbers in the Perm- ian; some analysts think it is overstated, others believe that precited ultimate recoveries are about right, or even under- state the potential. Looking at all wells in the Permian that have been producing for at least 6 months Drillinginfo is able to produce type curves to determine total recoverable hydrocarbons. Figure 3 shows remaining recoverable vol- umes for all horizontal wells in the Delaware Basin. Notice that horizontal wells make up ~ 80% of the potential recover- able hydrocarbons we are able to estimate. The critical issue in determining potential economic recoveries in a basin is in iden- tifying and characterizing the likely producing benches of all reservoirs that will be assessed as PUDs. This is a highly fluid FIGURE 2. Midland Basin Wolfcamp B Gas-Oil-Ratio. FIGURE 3. Wellcast Delaware Basin Production Horizontal Recoverable Remaining Reserves Vertical and Horizontal Recoverable Remaining Reserves

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