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PERMIAN BASIN: TECHNOLOGY | November 2017 | 61 Additional Frac Fuel Solutions Benefits Fail Safe: allows continuous run-time — even during systems shut downs Safety: keeps employ- ees out of the hot zone and removes human error from pump fueling Cost Savings: via reduced day rates, bulk fuel margins and operational efficiencies Contact Frac Fuel Solutions today – visit us online at with Frac Fuel's Direct Engine Fueling System RUN Uninterrupted Frac Fuel's Direct Engine Fueling System allow customers to realize significant cost savings with uninterrupted diesel fuel to frac pumps. This patented process is a turn-key operation and completely self- sufficient on-site. Only bulk loads of fuel are required to keep the site operational. There's no need to maintain a fuel company on location. "A workover rig is $30,000 to $50,000 per day," Machado said. "You can run slickline for 12 hours for a total of $8,500 to $10,000. So you are not only reducing that specifi c operating expense by up to 90% but you are also reducing the downtime by one-third." The jet-lift's simplicity steps forward in other ways. "In the Permian the typical model is to sell the equipment and support the operators in maintain- ing and running," he said. "They run the systems with their people. The beauty of the maintenance is at the surface. For jet lift, you require a multi- plex, triplex or reciprocating pump, which is also a mature technology. It is relatively easy to cross- train the operator's personnel to maintain and keep the surface equipment running. The technol- ogy is similar to the pumps used to transport oil from one station to another. So it is being applied for high pressure and providing horsepower to the injector fl uid." The process also benefi ts by being a closed system. "We inject power fl uid to produce the downhole fl uids," Machado said. "Then we uplift the mixture. For instance, our system packages have the ability to reinject the produced fl uid, to separate water from oil and to reinject water. " While new technology is likely to always grab headlines, Machado suggests that the prime goal is always maximizing economics, now and in the future. "I would expect research and development to include expansion of the envelope of current tech- nology, not just brand new technologies," he said. "Operators are focused on reliability, fl exibility, reducing lift cost and having positive cash fl ow. So we are focused on reaching those targets, our cus- tomers' wish lists. The idea is to pick the right tech- nology that has a predictable operating expense, and keep that opex to a minimum." n

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