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Bigger, faster pinpoint compleƟons: more stages, more sand, higher rates—and no runaway fracs. Multistage Unlimited® pinpoint fracturing delivers maximum SRV with far less risk of frac hits and well bashing during infill and high-density field development, compared with plug-and-perf. You put fracs where you want them, and you control how much sand you pump into each one, preventing "super clusters" that can hurt production from offset wells. With repeatable frac placement from well to well plus recorded downhole pressure/temperature data, you can truly optimize stage count and spacing in a given formation with just a few wells. More stages per well NCS pinpoint fracturing delivers more individual entry points with far higher frac efficiency than plug-and-perf. For example: • 147 stages (Permian) • 134 stages (Montney) • 125 stages (Duvernay) • 116 stages (Marcellus) More sand per well More intensity means pumping a lot more sand, and NCS Multistage pinpoint fracturing handles it: • 1,973 lb/lateral ft (Permian) • 1,825 lb/lateral ft (Montney) • 1,711 lb/lateral ft (Duvernay) Faster execution NCS Multistage pinpoint completions are being executed faster than ever. Here's why: Higher rates. Technology and design advances have boosted Multistage Unlimited frac rates through the coiled tubing/casing annulus to nearly 80 bbl/min in 5.5-in. casing, far higher "per cluster" than plug-and-perf and more than enough to transport sand (>12 ppg) with slickwater. Fewer coiled tubing trips. Almost 90% of NCS Multistage jobs are performed in a single coiled tubing trip. As many as 134 sleeves have been fracced without tripping out of the hole. 99+% sleeve success rate. More than 120,000 NCS sleeves have been installed, with the highest sleeve-shift-success rate of any coiled-tubing completion system. Learn more at ©2017, NCS Multistage, LLC. All rights reserved. Multistage Unlimited and Controlled Intensity are trademarks of NCS Multistage, LLC. Predictable. Verifiable. Repeatable. Optimizable. ncsmulƟ TM TM

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