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Page 6 of 35 | September 2017 | 5 VALVE TECHBOOK: OVERVIEW T he global industrial valve market is valued at $58.3 billion, according to Grand View Research, an amount that is only expected to increase during the next several years as a result of rising automation and growing demand for flow control equipment. Hart Energy's Valve Techbook features a variety of the latest trends and technologies expected to lead the flow con- trol market out of the commodities downturn. The oil and gas industry accounts for 21% of the total valve market, according to Grand View Research, and market players are adopting new strategies, particularly with fit-for-purpose designs and automated systems. The research firm reports that "Growing pro- duction and exploration spending in the oil and gas industry spurred the demand owing to technological innovations, enabling access to resources in deep waters or unusual reservoirs such as underpressured and unconventional or depleted reservoirs." In a brief overview of its recent global valve marketplace study, MarketsandMarkets reports that similar to nearly every sector of the oil and gas industry, the valve market took a substantial hit following the commodity pricing collapse in 2013. But the valve market could experience a recovery from increased energy uses in developing countries and North America, where the shale boom is having a trickle-down effect to the valve industry. Editorial contributor Scott Weeden addresses how more stringent environmental demands and challenges when drilling and producing from a HP/HT well are leading valve manufacturers to turn to simpler, fit-for-purpose valve designs. Among those that Weeden features are new valve designs by Interventek, NOV and Emerson. Cameron, a Schlumberger company, offers details of its PULSE LF low-f low ultrasonic chem- ical injection metering valve. According to Cameron, the PULSE LF addresses the limitation of low-dose inhibitor chemical injection technology by accu- rately metering chemical inhibitors without the need for filtration. Paul Hart, editor-in-chief of Midstream Busi- ness, addresses the challenges the valve industry is facing—and overcoming—in today's economy. He describes the significant number and variety of valves required in a single operation. And while the valve industry—like so many others in 2016— took a substantial hit, 2017 is so far proving to be a rebound, particularly in North America where rig counts have increased, leading to more infrastruc- ture projects moving forward. Hart Energy also reports on the trend of auto- mation in the valve industry and how technological advancements, particularly in specialty valves, are better meeting customer needs and cutting down on costs. Finally, PJ Valves (PJV) and Emerson Automa- tion Solutions provide detailed case studies. PJV shares its successes in supporting the Angolan oil and gas industry through its two major projects at an LNG processing facility and the upcoming Kaombo offshore project. PJV has provided engi- neering and delivered custom valves to an LNG processing facility at the base of the Congo River capable of supplying 5.3 million tonnes of LNG to the worldwide market annually. Emerson presents three case studies that reflect the versatility of its Vanessa triple offset valve (TOV). The first case study details why one offshore opera- tor opted for the Vanessa TOV after several years of utilizing ball and gate valves for its flow isolation applications. A second case study shows how an operator offshore Brazil chose the Vanessa TOV for isolation and emergency shut-down functions for five FPSO units. The final study shows how the Vanessa valve has evolved with new applications in E&P, specifically on molecular sieve offshore oper- ations in Malaysia. These case studies and examples of critical valve applications reflect the latest developments and designs in today's valve market. n Fit-for-purpose designs and automation are leading the valve market through the next growth phase. Customizing Flow Control By Brian Walzel Associate Editor

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