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32 | CASE STUDIES September 2017 | VALVE TECHBOOK: with considerable expertise to safeguard against costly offshore maintenance future maintenance issues. While PJV originally discussed a separate job entirely with the client, the company was eventu- ally asked to quote for a completely new job. It was a complex one, involving a high level of corrosive fluids, and PJV was able to help as both a supplier and as a partner contributing expertise. PJV recommended the use of side entry valves in places rather than top entry valves, saving money and resources. And the company also worked with the client to use special coatings to counter the effects of the harsh environment. This included stringent paint and internal PFA lining on ball valves. Tungsten carbon coating gave a wear- and ero- sion-resistant surface for the valves and electroless nickel-plated coating provided corrosion resistance. Material selection was also extremely important. Base materials such as nickel aluminium bronze and duplex stainless steel also ensured the valves could withstand the changing process conditions and rigors of use. These recommendations were vital for the long-term success of the project, without them the end user could be faced with countless, costly offshore maintenance issues with the package. So far, PJV has supplied about 2,000 valves over a number of orders, including ball, globe, check and needle valves, and both single and double block and bleed valves. Orders included nondestructive testing and special paint systems and were filled working with some of the best foundries in the world, using both PJV's own manufacturing facili- ties and trusted partner factories to complete items outside of PJV's production range. PJV's ability to work with a company to contribute expertise and enhance the sales and procurement process, rather than on a purely transactional basis, meant they have remained a trusted and competitive supplier for future Kaombo work, ahead of first production in 2017. Looking to the future Newly refurbished, Angola LNG is set to take its place as one of the world's most advanced liquefac- tion facilities and a central component of Angola's growing oil and gas industry as well as helping to meet the country's domestic gas needs. Kaombo, when it begins production next year, will be another important piece of that plan and will rely on Angola LNG to make the most of its gas resource. ■ James Moir is the APAC managing director for PJ Valves. TARGETED OPPORTUNITIES TO REINFORCE YOUR ADVERTISING REACH NEW FOR 2017 NEW FOR 2017 January Unconventional Yearbook May Water Management Techbook June Artificial Lift Techbook July Permian Basin Map August SCOOP/STACK Playbook September The Valve Supplement October Permian Basin Playbook Hydraulic Fracturing Techbook November Offshore Technology Yearbook Complement your marketing programs by being associated with these play-specific, highly read yearbooks, techbooks and playbooks. With Hart Energy's series of unconventional playbooks, techbooks and yearbooks, your message will reach industry professionals at the highest levels—from c-suite executives to senior engineering managers and geophysicists. Your sales representative can assist you with digital and print content placements that will multiply your reach across a myriad of platforms. For more information or to reserve your advertisement, please contact: Henry Tinne +1.713.260.6478 Unconventional Shale Playbooks, Techbooks & Yearbooks produced since 2008 Unconventional Shale 65 32 | September 2017 |

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