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Page 24 of 35 | September 2017 | 23 VALVE TECHBOOK: TECHNOLOGY SHOWCASE SPE 77/312/TA-LUFT/API 624, and it is suitable for toxic and harmful mediums to better meet the increasingly serious worldwide environmental requirements. Valves Designed to Address Severe Service Demands The oil and gas industry continues to move toward further utilization of trunnion-mounted ball valves in various isolation and control applica- tions. ValvTechnologies is a Houston-based man- ufacturer of high-performance, zero-leakage valves with a focus on the design and manufacture of metal-seated ball valves for severe service applica- tions. The company's TrunTech valve is designed to address the critical demands of the upstream and midstream oil and gas industries including but not limited to high-integrity pressure protection systems, emergency shutdown, manual isolation, injection, gas transmission and storage applica- tions. TrunTech's protected seat seal design pro- vides long life and tight shut-off in abrasive and erosive conditions as well as meets stringent fugi- tive emission requirements. The valve is designed to API-6D and API-6A, fire-safe per API-607 (API-6D) and API-6FA (API-6A), tight shut-off per ISO-5208 Rate A (API-6D) and PSL-3 (API-6A). TrunTech is designed to offer low operating torque, very high flow rates (Cv), protected sealing surfaces when in the open and closed position as well as the ability to operate in the presence of solids and other con- tamination. New Cable Drive Actuator Offers Lower Maintenance Velan ABV's new patent-protected cable drive actu- ator benefits from a transmission system with con- stant torque and high accuracy along the entire quarter-turn rotation. Its modular construction comprises a center body, pneumatic or hydraulic power cylinder and a spring cartridge for emer- gency action. It is the actuator's newly designed center body with its cable drive system that sepa- rates it from the standard scotch yoke actuator and provides 30% more running torque. Fewer compo- nents and less friction mean lower maintenance, smaller actuators and additional safety. Scotch yoke actuators are most often used for on-off rotary valves, but they are limited when they are used for accurate control services, fast-closing operations and heavy-duty cycles. The cable drive actuator's design overcomes these limitations, guaranteeing optimal position control in the most demanding conditions. n The TrunTech design from ValvTechnologies withstands severe thermal swings, meets stringent emission requirements and provides long life in abrasive and erosive conditions. (Photo courtesy of ValvTechnologies) Velan ABV's new patent-protected cable drive actuator provides 30% more running torque. (Image courtesy of Velan ABV) The lip seal ring design is suitable for toxic and harmful mediums. (Image courtesy of Rays Flow Control)

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