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20 | September 2017 | VALVE TECHBOOK: TECHNOLOGY SHOWCASE and removing all negative environmental effects of purging fl uid to the subsea environment. Devel- oped in collaboration with, and successfully fi eld trialed in a well for Total, the EcoStar e-TRSV allows the operator to control the valve at any dis- tance from the subsea architecture and provides faster response time for command and control of the system with immediate response in emergency shut-down situations. When used as part of an all-electric control system, the EcoStar e-TRSV allows substantially reduced capex and opex in more complex fi eld developments. Cutting, Sealing in One Compact Device Interventek's Revolution Valve is a new shear and seal safety valve for well control and intervention in the upstream oil and gas industry. It is the only valve that provides a reliable method of cutting and sealing in a single compact device. The cost- effective valve is suitable for a number of applica- tions. Since its launch, Interventek has delivered a surface version of the valve, a subsea 15,000-psi in-riser valve, the world's fi rst 20,000-psi in-riser valve and an open water well control valve for light well intervention. The technology allows one valve to be used instead of multiple stacks, reducing costs and increasing safety. The valve is the world's fi rst in-riser valve suitable for 20,000-psi HP/HT applications. Being lightweight and compact, the valve suits the restrictions of both in-riser and light well intervention operations, and the open water version is the only wireline class valve that can also cut sinker bar. Control Valve Carries Flow in Applications Less Than 45 psi The E-LO is a low-pressure electric control valve designed to carry fl ow in applications less than 45 psi. The valve features a module control board with three module options: 1) analog, which uses a 4-20 mA signal for proportional control; 2) discrete, which uses dry contacts for on/off control; and 3) RS-485, which allows control and communication via Modbus RTU. Common applications include gas compression, combustion and burner man- agement, and it can also be used as a dump valve or pressure regulator. The E-LO solves a variety industry challenges depending on its application. One example application is for temperature regu- lation. Whereas pneumatic valves can cause erratic temperature swings inside a production vessel, the E-LO can precisely control fuel gas and maintain a constant temperature in the vessel. The E-LO control valve is a technology that provides precise valve regulation for fl ow control. (Photo courtesy of Kimray) The EcoStar e-TRSV helps eliminate potential environmental impacts due to loss or spills of control fl uids over the long-term fi eld life. (Image courtesy of Halliburton) The Revolution Valve is a new shear and seal safety valve for well control and intervention. (Image courtesy of Interventek)

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