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Page 10 of 35 | September 2017 | 9 VALVE TECHBOOK: TECHNOLOGY valve can withstand working pressures of 20,000 psi (20K) and temperatures of 350 F (177 C) for in-riser landing string systems. The Revolution Valve was designed for emerging HP/HT and deepwater well environments, particularly in the Gulf of Mexico, and is believed to be the first of its kind. "The 20,000-psi valve was developed from our 15,000-psi form with very compact internal com- ponents and external rotary actuators. The simplicity of design makes it very eligible for fulfilling other configurations," said Gavin Cowie, managing director, Interventek. The 20K in-riser valve is able to cut slickline, braided cable and coiled tubing up to 2 in. in diameter with wall thickness of 0.203 in. and 148-ksi tensile strength. The bore size is up to 5.125 in. "The valve is uti- lized during installa- tion and workover of wells completed with horizontal type christ - mas trees. The unique design is comprised of two elements. The first is a sealing f lapper component, which is pivotally mounted to a second component— the structural saddle that allows the back and forth rotation," he explained. "The saddle delivers the cutting forces and incorporates a hard- ened cutting insert. The primary sealing bound- ary is elastomer-free, relying instead on h i g h - s p e c i f i c a t i o n , resilient seals to con- tain produced fluids. It uses metallic sealing for the temperature piece of the system. The seals, like all the valve compo- nents, can be accessed for inspection or mainte- nance," he added. "Conventional ball valves were never originally designed to be cutting tools. The same leading edge of the surface that is required to create a seal is now used as a cutting edge, so is vulnerable to damage and may not seal effectively," he said. The Standard in Non-Standard Valve Production By utilizing an extensive line of engineered valve products combined with considerable manifold design experience, CORTEC offers a complete solution that maximizes weight and space savings while providing the highest level of performance . CORTEC has the manifold design and manufacturing experience you can rely on. Houma 985.223.1966 Port Allen 225.421.3300 Houston 713.821.0050 CORTEC proudly designs, manufactures, assembles, and tests all products in the USA. Houma Port Allen 6A – 0700 16C – 0314 6A – 1866 ISO – 0708 ISO – 3101 Q1 – 0450 Q1 – 3130 Compact Manifold Solutions w w w . u s c o r t e c . c o m \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Production & Drilling Chokes \ Compact Ball & Check Valves API Piping Accessories \ Pressure Relief Valves \ Valve Manifold Packages A proven track record of delivering superior turnkey designs CORTEC MPD manifold system featuring electrically operated 6" orifice drilling chokes and 8" metal seated compact double ball valves. CORTEC vertical API 6AV1 rated BSDV system

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