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SCOOP/STACK: TECHNOLOGY | September 2017 | 31 "MicroScout material is smaller than conven- tional proppants that we consider for fracturing," Parker said. "Ever since the early days of fractur- ing, proppants have been relatively large and used to keep the fracture open and allow fl ow through a porous pack. This material is quite small, and it goes in the accessory fractures that conventional proppant wouldn't be able to fi t into. Even though it is a small support structure it does give benefi t to productivity by propping the complex microf- ractures to keep producing into the main fracture system and into the wellbore." An additional ben- efi t of this material is in pressure reduction while we're pumping the stages because it impacts the near-wellbore region. Workfl ow also remains a key component to suc- cessful well delivery. From operations guided by Halliburton's FracInsight—a repeatable interpre- tation workfl ow that leverages the best available horizontal well data to select perforation clusters and frack stage locations—to time-saving hardware like the company's recently rolled out wellhead connection unit. "The new ExpressKinect wellhead connection unit is a single line connection to the wellhead," said Steve Jolley, product line manager for Halli- burton in Oklahoma. "It basically utilizes a remote connector that links together the wellhead adapter for each well that is to be treated. If you're work- ing on three to four zipper wells, this connection unit can go from wellhead to wellhead with one connection. All of these wellheads are pre-fi tted with the proper connection that fi ts our zipper manifold, which allows us to quickly unhook from the adapter of one wellhead and go to the next. It reduces our transition time out there. It has been a big win for us. Once again it reduces the amount of iron and the amount of connections we rig up." Additional Frac Fuel Solutions Benefits Fail Safe: allows continuous run-time — even during systems shut downs Safety: keeps employ- ees out of the hot zone and removes human error from pump fueling Cost Savings: via reduced day rates, bulk fuel margins and operational efficiencies Contact Frac Fuel Solutions today – visit us online at with Frac Fuel's Direct Engine Fueling System RUN Uninterrupted Frac Fuel's Direct Engine Fueling System allow customers to realize significant cost savings with uninterrupted diesel fuel to frac pumps. This patented process is a turn-key operation and completely self- sufficient on-site. Only bulk loads of fuel are required to keep the site operational. There's no need to maintain a fuel company on location.

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