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SCOOP/STACK: TECHNOLOGY | September 2017 | 27 Facility, is expected to process about 30,000 bbl of produced or wastewater per day upon comple- tion early in third-quarter 2017. "We're producing about 30,000 barrels of waste- water per day from our Stack play and that's what we've designed the recycling facility to handle," said Reed Durfey, Newfield's water and technical ser- vices manager. "We plan to recycle both the flow- back and produced water from our Stack wells and hydraulic fracturing operations. Currently, on aver- age, our freshwater usage is about 75,000 barrels per day of water. Depending on future drilling and completion activity, freshwater utilization could increase proportionately." Newfield has invested more than $40 million to date in water management infrastructure in its Stack play. The new recycling facility is a multimil- lion-dollar investment located on a 30-acre site and will connect to seven pits with nearly 6.5 MMbbl of storage capacity utilizing more than 70 miles of underground pipeline by year-end 2017. The Barton facility itself is decidedly low-tech. The facility foregoes higher cost water treat- ment technologies such as membrane filtration, reverse osmosis and electro-coagulation that have been used in the past, in favor of an aerated biological treatment. "Basically we're introducing oxygen into the water to convert the produced water from oil- field waste to recycled water for fracturing opera- tions," Durfey explained. "We're using a naturally enhanced bio-remediation to separate and break down the contaminants. Incoming raw produced water goes through a tank battery where initial oil and solids removal is performed. The water is trans- ferred to a series of aerated pits, with built-in bub- ble diffuser aerators that very efficiently introduce oxygen into the water. It's here that the treatment

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