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SCOOP/STACK: TECHNOLOGY | September 2017 | 25 Debut, demystify and de-bundle Devon Energy has been a key player in western Oklahoma's Cana-Woodford since 2007; the liq- uids-rich natural gas play is one of Devon's bread- and-butter assets. In 2014 a new play started to emerge in the area—an interval in the Mississippian Formation dubbed the Meramec. The Meramec is separated from the underlying Woodford Shale by the Osage Formation. The target resides between 8,000 ft and 11,000 ft below the surface across the play. The specific hydrocarbon targets are found in 700 ft of oil-saturated siltstone, with the Meramec accounting for up to 475 ft of that column. The Meramec is the current sweet spot in Oklahoma's Stack play. With legacy assets in the area and recog- nizing the emerging play's potential, Devon made a move at the end of 2015 to dole out $1.9 billion for Felix Energy's 80,000 net acres in the Stack. "We were drilling some of the early Meramec wells and watching various peers and competitors try to bring on some of these Meramec-type wells," explained Todd Moehlenbrock, vice president of Devon's Anadarko Basin business unit. "It became really an identification of where the pay zone was located because it's a fairly thick section—500 ft to 700 ft. The initial part of delineating the field was identifying the pay zone and then continuing to use existing horizontal drilling and fracturing techniques to unlock the potential. Through all of that reservoir characterization, we have a very robust geological model of the entire Meramec. We still have a lot of work to do, but we have a good understanding of what drives performance and where we need to land the wells, which is critical. Techniques have come a long way in just a couple of years around the Meramec to create the best completions to maximize returns." IP numbers in the area have been encouraging. Last September Devon revealed its third successful Stack spacing test. The pilot tested a seven-well pattern across a single-section interval of the upper Meramec. Initial 15-day production rates averaged 2,200 boe/d per well. Well performance in simi- lar programs has been good enough for Devon to announce plans to sell about $1 billion of upstream assets, including a portion of its legacy Barnett Shale holdings, to fund future activity in the Stack and the Delaware Basin, part of the Permian Basin in southeast New Mexico. While there's that kind of excitement for the play, the players realize it's still early innings. "The whole industry is shifting toward this stacked, lateral-development concept," Moehlen- brock said. "There are multiple benches or zones Devon operations continue in the Anadarko Basin of Oklahoma. (Photo courtesy of Devon Energy)

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