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8 | May 2017 | WATER MANAGEMENT: KEY PLAYERS DistributionNOW DistributionNOW offers comprehensive engineer- ing, design, fabrication and installation services for water management products and services. This includes custom-designed solutions for saltwater disposal packages, pumps, filtration systems, fresh- water and produced water transfer skids, chemical injection skids and waterflood packages. These pack- ages feature integration technology that allows a unit's operation to be completely automated in the harshest and most variable environments, the com- pany's website stated. DNOW Process Solutions also operates service centers for repair, fabrication and machining needs. The company employs factory-trained service techni- cians who are certified to diagnose and repair complex water management systems, offering both field and in-shop service. Dow Water & Process Solutions Dow Water & Process Solutions, a business unit of The Dow Chemical Co., specializes in sustainable liquid purification and separation technologies. The company's water treatment technologies include particle filtration, ultrafiltration, polymeric adsor- bents, selective ion exchange resins, reverse osmosis and sulfate-removal nanofiltration membranes. In September 2016 the company released its DOW FILMTEC FORTILIFE product line, an addition to its reverse osmosis and nanofiltration portfolio. In November 2016 the company released its next-generation DOWEX MARATHON ion exchange resins for industrial water treatment to help users achieve as much as 10% greater productivity from their raw water (or more) with higher regenerability and operating capacity; longer resin life and lower replacement cost; less swelling for higher through- put and fewer regenerations; and flexibility to use in all system designs and to simplify inventory, a press release stated. According to its website, the company's Water & Process Academies are a resource for building tech- nical knowledge, learning new tactics for increasing efficiencies and discovering best practices for enhanc- ing performance at a facility. In April 2016 The Dow Chemical Co. was awarded the U.S. Water Prize by the U.S. Water Alliance for its work in promoting and enabling more sustainable use and management of water by companies across the water value chain, a press release stated. The company was recognized "for its leadership in developing new water management strategies, offering innovative products and technologies, and entering into effec- tive collaboration models that make these solutions more attainable." Fountain Quail Energy Services Fountain Quail Energy Services offers integrated water management systems designed to reduce costs. The company operates in most major North Ameri- can shale plays. The company's services include treat- ing for reuse and surface discharge, disposal, storage, hauling, and water sourcing and transfer. The company's three water treating and recycling systems are the MAVREX, ROVER and NOMAD. All are designed to help lower water-specific operating costs by 30% to 80%, depending on location. MAVREX, for chlorine dioxide treating, is a water treatment plant housed inside a trailer. The system uses technology from International Dioxide that cre- ates chlorine dioxide in situ with the water stream, thereby eliminating dangerous gas reaction chambers, the company said. The system monitors in real time pretreatment and post-treatment water and self-ad- justs as water conditions change. "By automatically adjusting dose rates to changing conditions, chemical usage is optimized, overdosing is prevented, treated water will be bacteria-free and overall costs will be lowered," the company said. ROVER technology removes suspended solids and polymers and can be easily configured for hardness reduction and the selective removal of specific ele- ments. Each system is capable of recycling 10,000 bbl/d of clean brine. NOMAD technology employs an energy-efficient thermal evaporator. The skid-mounted system is capa- ble of generating 2,000 bbl/d of distilled, surface discharge quality freshwater. ROVER technology removes suspended solids and polymers and is capable of recycling 10,000 bbl/d of clean brine. (Photo courtesy of Fountain Quail Energy Services)

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