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44 | May 2017 | WATER MANAGEMENT: CASE STUDIES W ater plays a pivotal role in the develop- ment of shale oil and gas wells as it is involved across the life cycle of the well and impacts drilling, completions, production and facilities operations. The management and proper handling of water is crucial to the long-term sustain- able success of unconventional oil and gas develop- ment. Water can significantly impact the economics of a wellbore, in some instances 20% of the well cost. Developing a sustainable water-handling strategy with successful reuse will significantly reduce costs for operators. Effective water management will include several associated services such as sourcing, trans- fer, storage and treatment. Water recycling not only decreases the economic issues of water disposal but also reduces the stress on freshwater sourcing and will remain a focus of environmental stewardship for the industry. In certain active shale plays, the demand for water has increased significantly while freshwater sources have become more limited. Current well designs have longer lateral lengths, and volume of water demand per stage has increased in current completion designs. As the industry recovers from depressed oil prices, the inventory of drilled but uncompleted wells will demand a focus on water management, making recy- cling an attractive option. Gradiant Energy Services (GES) is focused on developing, deploying and operating technical products and services in the industry by assisting operators in reducing their operating cost in a safe and reliable manner. The goal for these technologies and associated services is to be able to treat and recy- cle different sources of oilfield waste fluids that can reduce freshwater demand and disposal cost. With a broad portfolio of treatment solutions, GES can help SCE technology delivers a customized water treatment option for a Permian Basin operator. Water Recycling, Reuse in the Delaware Basin By Kushal Seth, Kaarthic Madhavan and Julie Villalobos Gradiant Energy Services A GES produced and flowback water treatment plant deployed in Delaware Basin has been in operation since 2015. (Photo courtesy of Gradiant Energy Service)

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