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38 | May 2017 | WATER MANAGEMENT: TECHNOLOGY SHOWCASE eliminating water treatment. Following a compre- hensive assessment (water analysis, scale modeling and review of local regulations) of the water man- agement cycle, the xWATER service uses the cus- tom-engineered fracturing fl uid that provides a cost-effective solution. As the well enters the pro- duction phase, the produced water is collected in a centralized, onsite storage facility and transported to new fracturing sites. Platform fi nds water, disposal and transport options in any region is a free online search engine and marketplace for sourcing, recycling, transporting and disposing of water for the energy industry. Sourcewater's free search platform fi nds water, disposal and transport options in any region and can sort results by best combination of price, trans- port cost, distance, dates, capacity and quality. The platform also allows users to list water, treatment, transport and disposal price and capacity. The shale boom made water management a major cost of upstream production and also made water the primary critical input and output of the upstream supply chain. Operators need real-time water market data to minimize operating cost, ensure the supply chain and reduce environmental and community impact on water resources. Service companies need a platform to communicate real-time price, capacity and standby times to operators to maximize utiliza- tion. In the Northeast, operators use Sourcewater to save on high-disposal costs and minimize commu- nity impact on water resources. In the Permian, oper- ators use the platform to fi nd better deals on hauling and disposal and plan completions with better water source research. H 2 S removal system treats about 900 million gallons of sour water per day Hydrogen sulfi de (H 2 S) is among the most danger- ous and costly contaminants in oil and gas. Oxi- dation chemistries often are used to remove H 2 S from water. The Talon Reagent System by Stream- line Chemical is a patented H 2 S removal tool that is effective and affordable. Talon Reagent has a 10-year record of success in other industries and treats about 900 million gallons of sour water per day world- wide. Streamline Chemical obtained exclusive rights to this system for oil and gas and is working with several upstream operators to increase removal effi - ciency and reduce treatment costs. The company recently completed a very successful fi eld trial on a large Capitan Reef Aquifer water well in the Dela- ware Basin. Infl uent H 2 S levels were more than 120 ppm aqueous before treatment. Streamline's system reduced H 2 S to 0 ppm effl uent. The customer ben- efi tted from a signifi cant reduction in treatment costs. ■ This screenshot shows water search results. (Image courtesy of The Talon Reagent System is shown being applied in the fi eld. (Photo courtesy of Streamline Chemical LLC)

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