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Page 38 of 55 | May 2017 | 37 WATER MANAGEMENT: TECHNOLOGY SHOWCASE System recovers oil, suspended solids in single stage treatment NOV has released a higher-capacity model of the WaterWolf dynamic oil recovery (DOR) system. Able to handle up to 50,000 bbl/d of water, the Water- Wolf DOR 500 recovers oil and suspended solids from produced water in a single stage of treatment without the use of chemicals or filters, reducing waste and enabling significant cost savings. Ideal for use in centralized production sites or high-volume saltwater disposal facilities, the WaterWolf DOR 500 combines the nonshearing action of progressing cavity pumps with de-oiling and de-sanding hydro- cyclones. This creates highly efficient oil recovery that recovers as much as 20 additional barrels of oil for every 10,000 bbl of water produced. The system builds on the heritage of proven hydrocyclone tech- nology, long used in offshore oilfields, to simplify produced-water handling and improve well injec- tivity. It also allows an optional de-sanding skid to prevent solids accumulation in tanks, which can be a major source of air-polluting emissions. Water-flexible fracturing fluid system optimized for each well Schlumberger developed the xWATER integrated water-flexible fracturing fluid delivery service to mit- igate the economic and environmental burden of freshwater sourcing, transportation, treatment and disposal in hydraulic fracturing operations. The ser- vice enables operators to use engineered fracturing fluids customized for the available alternative water source, well conditions and reservoir properties. This reduces water-related costs, which can account for up to 40% of the total fracturing operation cost. The fracturing fluid system is optimized for each well, carefully designed to ensure compatibility with the most difficult water sources while minimizing or The WaterWolf DOR 500 can handle up to 50,000 bbl/d of water. (Photo courtesy of NOV) The Schlumberger xWATER service (shown in blue) cuts the traditional water management cycle in half. (Image courtesy of Schlumberger)

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