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Page 36 of 55 | May 2017 | 35 WATER MANAGEMENT: TECHNOLOGY SHOWCASE tal regulations. Crystal has been certified by the U.S. Coast Guard and the American Bureau of Shipping. During vigorous testing, Crystal has purified oily water down to below 1 ppm. The separators have a filter-less operation with no internal moving parts, which enables continuous operation for many years requiring no downtime for maintenance and/or cleanings. The separators also were designed to run 24 hours a day in the harshest environments. With an ultracompact footprint, Crystal is customizable and can be used in a wide range of applications such as oil fields, oil platforms, ship bilges, sand washing plants, wastewater treatment plants and salt mines. Sulfate remover improves oil recovery GE's Water & Process Technologies recently released the new SeaWater Sulfate Reducing (SWSR) membrane to remove sulfate from injection water for offshore oil pro- duction. The SWSR membrane removes sulfate to reduce scale and corrosion in the injection well, which can reduce oil recovery and plug the well. The prod- uct also has fouling resistance due to its three-layer mem- brane design and smooth surface. The SWSR membrane series is an advance- ment of GE's DK series nanofiltration membrane and provides a high transmission of sodium chlo- ride into the permeate water to minimize operating pressures. The membrane offers a physical barrier for any suspended particles including bacteria, pyrogens and colloids. Additionally, the new mem- brane will help prevent strontium and barium sul- fate scale in injection wells and will better mitigate well souring by reducing sulfate. Treatment for oily water process needs When a coastal LNG project required oil/water separators to meet the harsh environment and stringent requirements of the end user, Hydrasep delivered its water treatment services despite seis- mic, hurricane force winds, freezing tempera- tures, high sediment content and customization. Hydrasep offers services for all oily water process treatment needs. The company will help operators treat their fracture flowback and produced water onsite and in-line. Hydrasep also will help lower operating cost, lower downstream process upsets, filtering needs and chemicals consumption. The company will work to lower water reuse and recy- cling cost, and the oil recovered with a Hydrasep is pipeline quality. Water evaporator runs on field gas HydroFlare by Hydrozonix is a new produced water evaporator that runs on field gas. The patent-pend- ing HydroFlare helps resolve produced water dis- posal capacity concerns either due to increasing produced water volumes, capacity restrictions due to induced seismicity or increasing disposal cost for remote wells. The evaporator can be a permanent installation or a portable device that can be relocated from area to area. Besides produced water evapora- tion, HydroFlare can be used as an alternative to collecting field gas under Quad O(a). In areas where The Crystal separators have a filter-less operation with no internal moving parts. (Photo courtesy of GenOil) The SWSR membrane removes sulfate from injection water for offshore oil production. (Image courtesy of GE Water) HYDRASEP manufactures custom-designed oil/water separators. (Photo courtesy of Hydrasep)

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