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32 | May 2017 | WATER MANAGEMENT: TECHNOLOGY SHOWCASE Well monitoring and surveillance platform for understanding trends Advantek Waste Management Services recently released a comprehensive, real-time, web-based well monitoring and surveillance platform called @SSURE. The platform enables real-time assessment of the health and performance of a single or net- work of injection wells, including a full assessment of the subsurface formation response. By using best- in-class well testing techniques applied to real-time data, @SSURE enables the operator to understand trends in injectivity, near well damage, seismicity and other variables that are key to assuring the long-term health of the well. Vacuum drum dewatering fi lter replaces fi lter press A total disposal recovery operation on a Watford, N.D., oil fi eld took in and processed oilfi eld tank bottoms, cutting fl uids, dissolved air fl otation sludge and drilling mud. A plate-and-frame fi lter press was used for oil recovery and mud dewatering. The cut- tings and large slugs of solids were removed with a centrifuge, and the centrate was sent to the press sys- tem. Despite the centrifuge doing the heavy lifting, Innovative processes and technologies help operators minimize water management costs. Technologies, Services and Solutions for Water Management Compiled by Ariana Benavidez Associate Managing Editor C ost-effective practices for managing oilfi eld water require a thorough understanding of reservoir characteristics, production volumes, design and environmental factors, among other fac- tors. Reducing and recycling produced water and minimizing freshwater use help improve profi ts and contributes to water conservation. Oil wells worldwide produce about 220 MMbbl/d of water, which is about 3 bbl of water for every barrel of oil, Halliburton explained on its website. "In older fields the water 'cut,' or ratio of water to oil, can be 95% or higher. Managing this produced water is a great challenge for operators." The following is a sampling of some of the latest products and services available for water management. Editor's note: The copy herein is contributed from service companies and does not reflect the opinions of Hart Energy. The @SSURE platform enables operators to understand trends in injectivity, near well damage, seismicity and other variables. (Image courtesy of Advantek Waste Management Services)

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