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Page 14 of 55 | May 2017 | 13 WATER MANAGEMENT: KEY PLAYERS that a certain threshold has been crossed, it sends out an alert and then takes action to keep operations running safely and smoothly. Sourcewater is a free online search engine and marketplace for sourcing, recycling, transporting and disposing of water for the energy industry that launched in 2015 from the MIT Energy Initiative. Users include more than 500 energy operators, ser- vice companies, disposal wells, municipalities, water utilities, farmers, treatment facilities, and trucking and transfer companies. Sourcewater's free search platform finds water, disposal and transport options in any region and can sort by best combination of price, transport cost, distance, dates, capacity and quality. The platform also allows users to list water, treatment, transport and disposal price and capacity. In the Marcellus region most energy operators use the platform to efficiently recycle water between each other, replacing high-cost, long-haul disposal cost with low-cost, short-haul reuse, the company said. This increases total water supply available in the market and also allows operators to reduce their freshwater consumption while getting paid to reuse produced water in their completions. In the Permian and other plays operators and service companies often use the platform to find discounted rates and shorter standby times on excess disposal, hauling and water capacity. Water-related companies can promote their prod- ucts, services and technology to users on the platform, similar to advertising in Google search results. TekSolv TekSolv provides integrated safety, equipment and automation services. The company's technologies and safety services are designed to improve oilfield automation, life-safety and water management systems for drilling, completions, flowback, pro- duction and midstream operations. The company has offices in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois and West Virginia. HydroWatch is a water management technology system that allows quick deployment of critical water tracking hardware with integration into real-time management software, the company stated on its website. Using existing field hardware such as flow- meters, level sensors and other monitoring equipment permits for integration into existing infrastructures and provides a system that visualizes processes, ana- lyzes system data, automates functionality and dis- tributes real-time data to decision makers, operators and supervisors. Water products and services include water track- ing, pump/pipeline controls and transfer verification, production tank levels with leak detection, water treatment and storage, flow volumes and rate moni- toring, multiple tank support, and more. TETRA Technologies With operations on six continents, TETRA Tech- nologies provides water management, completion fluids and production well testing services to sup- port land completion activity in all basins in the U.S. and Canada. The water management product line supports the upstream oil and gas industry, in particular hydraulic fracturing operations, where large volumes of water are required. The compa- ny's services support the transfer, storage and treat- ment of all types of water including fresh, brackish, produced and flowback water. Each project is cus- tom-designed using the company's proprietary planning and engineering software. The company's services include planning, testing, filtration, blending and treatment chemistries to deliver water at the required specifications. TETRA's BioRid and TETRAClean treatment additives are designed to be fast-acting, quick degrading, "green" biocides that kill bacteria as fracturing water moves through the tanks. The automated water blending controller and its patented blending manifold ensures that the water is consistent throughout the entire fracturing specification. TETRA's frack water blending system includes a patented automated blending controller, coupled with a patented, on-the-fly blending manifold. The combination of these units provides accurate parameter-based blending and consistent blend quality, whether directly filling frack tanks or transferring water to another location. (Photo courtesy of TETRA Technologies)

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