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12 | May 2017 | WATER MANAGEMENT: KEY PLAYERS design of the NeoHydro mobile treatment units com- bined with the company's line of water clarification chemicals enable customizable solutions capable of meeting performance standards of its customers, the company said. In March 2017 Rockwater announced a merger with Crescent Companies, expanding the scale of its water management operations in key basins. The addition of technologies and services as a result of the transaction include EnviroEdge remote monitoring and control and Crescent Consulting wellsite and project management services. Schlumberger Schlumberger offers many products and services for water treatment including oil removal and polishing of produced water, seawater conditioning for pri- mary injection, and controlled-salinity water injec- tion for EOR. The company's water injection technologies are used in the treatment of seawater for biofoulant con- trol, dissolved oxygen removal, and suspended and dissolved solids removal. Schlumberger's METROL SEA-CELL electrochlo- rinator generates hypochlorite from seawater in situ, which is used to prevent the growth of living organisms. The company's BFCC copper chlorine system uses low levels of copper and hypochlorite to control biological activity in water systems. And the company's METROL SEA-SCREEN coarse strainer removes silt, plankton, algae and 98% of particles larger than 100 μm. It also can be used when space and weight are restricted. The Polymem UF seawater ultrafiltration system removes suspended particles as small as 0.01 μm, which assists with reservoir injectivity. A company brochure stated that it offers significant reduction in operating weight and lower total life-cycle costs compared with traditional media and cartridge filters. Schlumberger's separation technology also includes sulfate removal systems that are designed to remove divalent sulfate ions from seawater, reduc- ing the potential for barium and strontium sulfate scaling and helping to prevent reservoir souring. It also offers reverse osmosis systems for low-salinity reservoir injection. For oxygen removal, Schlumberger supplies its VDX vacuum-stripping deaeration system and its GDX gas-strip deaeration system. The company also has developed the CDX compact deoxygenation sys- tem for more compact and lightweight equipment. Developed to mitigate water management chal- lenges, the xWATER Integrated Water-Flexible Frac- turing Fluid Delivery Service allows operators to reuse up to 100% of produced water, thereby reducing or eliminating costs associated with water acquisition, conveyance, treatment and disposal. This service won a 2016 Special Meritorious Award for Engineering Innovation in the water management category. Select Energy Services Select Energy Services provides water services, well testing, fluid handling, disposal, and wellsite com- pletion and construction. Water-related services offered include water sourcing, water transfer, con- tainment and water treatment. The company has developed AquaView, a telem- etry system with the ability to gain precise and accurate volumetric analyses of water assets and provide real-time data. The system provides users with hydrographic mapping, remote monitoring of the volume and quality of water assets, and reports and alerts. AquaView won a 2016 Special Meritori- ous Award for Engineering Innovation in the water management category. In addition, AquaLogic, a suite of automated water transfer options, consists of automated equip- ment, including pumps and a proportioning sys- tem, that responds to operator specifications and changing conditions in real time. With AquaLogic, operators can automate the movement of water and conduct operations closer to their physical lim- its while maintaining strict safety standards, the company said on its website. The technology gives operators the ability to remotely set and maintain operational parameters. When the system detects The Schlumberger seawater injection module treats the seawater for reinjection in the secondary and tertiary oil recovery cycles. (Image courtesy of Schlumberger)

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