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10 | May 2017 | WATER MANAGEMENT: KEY PLAYERS gathering system troubleshooting and consulting, disinfection services, oxidation services for iron and sulfides, aeration services for pit water quality man- agement and bacteria control, membrane treatment for sulfate removal as well as some new services that are scheduled to be released in early 2017, the com- pany said. These new services include an evaporation system and coated media that control suspended solids, iron, sulfides and oil. These new technologies will supplement the company's patented oxidation systems that can operate up to 110 bbl/min and field chemistry that provides real-time chemical analysis and bacteria results within minutes. ProSep ProSep provides water treatment equipment, sys- tems and services to assist operators in managing and treating their produced water streams and pro- viding solutions that meet or exceed regulatory and/ or other operational requirements, primarily focus- ing on effl uent polishing technologies. The company's CTour process removes dispersed oil and dissolved hydrocarbon contaminants in the produced water stream through injection of con- densate. Not requiring any chemicals, the process is easy to install in existing systems and has a very low operating cost. The CTour process has been used in Norway, having treated as much as 70% of all Norwegian offshore produced water. This equates to more than 2 MMbbl/d of water. In addition, ProSep's Osorb Media is a regenerable, organically modified silica adsorbent used to treat oilfield, refinery and petro- chemical effluent waters and gas streams. It adsorbs free, dispersed and water soluble hydrocarbons as well as many nonpolar oilfield chemicals from produced water including BTEX (benzene, toluene, ethyl-benzene and xylene) compo- nents. Osorb also has successfully removed BTEX in a selective manner in natural gas dissolved water streams containing methanol with a 45% internal rate of return. The TORR coalescing scalable technology addresses effluent excursions as well as increases in water cut for offshore operators. ProSep also offers mixers for water treatment applications demonstrat- ing 25% to 60% reduction in chemical consumption as well as optimizing processes. TORR systems reduce oil-in-water content from 1,000 ppm down to dis- charge regulation, often less than 5 ppm to 10 ppm and remove/recover oil droplets larger than 2 microns. Rockwater Energy Solutions Rockwater Energy Solutions combines water man- agement services with oilfi eld chemistry expertise to provide operators with an optimal approach to fl uid quality and logistics issues. The company was formed in 2011 and has 1,500 employees located in every major shale basin across the U.S. and Western Canada. Water management services offered include flu- ids conditioning, water transfer, flowback and well testing, fluid logistics, aboveground storage, and con- struction services. Rockwater provides fluids and proppant storage, transportation, transloading and disposal services through its fleet of trucks and tanks. The company specializes in the development and distribution of chemical technologies includ- ing crosslinkers, friction reducers, surfactants and specialty chemicals used in completion, stimulation and production. The company has treated more than 50 MMbbl of water for reuse with its fluids conditioning services, according to the website. The expandable modular Pit treatment by Hydrozonix takes place in the Permian Basin. (Photo courtesy of Hydrozonix) Rockwater fl uids conditioning setup taps into a customer's produced water gathering system, centralizing water treatment for reuse on multiple fractures in the Rockies. (Photo courtesy of Rockwater Energy Solutions)

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